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OPENS AT: May 11, 2020, 05:30 AM

CLOSES AT: May 24, 2020, 01:25 PM

DURATION: 3h 30m

Esko Software Engineer Hiring Challenge

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Congratulations to all the shortlisted participants.

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In everyday life, we would be lost without packaging. So we need people to make it. But have you ever wondered what these people would do without the software and hardware that enables them to create packaging? That’s where Esko steps in: thanks to our solutions, people can create packaging, signs and displays – and optimize the processes to do so.

Are you a Lifelong learner? Dedicated to staying up to date on new technologies through continual self-education?

A comfortable Problem-solver? Digging deep to solve issues with little to no help

A Self-starter? Clear Track record of managing own workload and identifying problems to work on

A global thinker? Working closely with multi geographic teams - capable of understanding the goals of a given project, and how users will utilize it

Agnostic and objective? Knowing that the best solution revolves around what the project needs, not what they’ve done before

Yes? So if you’re like us, we’d like to have you as our colleague!  

Esko is looking for enthusiastic and motivated Software Engineers & Senior Software Engineers to join their team in Bangalore.

Challenge format:

  • 1 Programming question
  • Coding language will be restricted to C#, Java, and JavaScript

Eligibility: 2-8 years of experience

For WebCam issues, kindly follow below links:


Software Engineers/ Senior Software Engineers
Experience: 2-8 years
CTC: Best in industry
Job Location: Bangalore
Openings: 4


  • Capable of designing, implementing, and building an MVP (minimum viable product) independently, if necessary
  • Comfortable with your tech stack, with expertise in the layers your team needs most
  • Comfortable thinking at a high technical level: understands how all components of the codebase work together, and how to best build around its needs
  • Drives best practices: leverages knowledge from multiple ecosystems of the codebase to promote best practices within the product’s tech stack
  • Analyzing requirement specification, carry out feasibility analysis and provide effort estimation
  • Develop project plan, allocate tasks, monitor progress and take responsibility to deliver projects to meet schedule and quality expectation of customers
  • Design the solutions, work closely with team members to execute and accomplish project deliverables
  • Code, test and troubleshoot applications utilizing the appropriate hardware, software platform, database, programming tools and technology
  • Provide assistance in recruitment, assimilate necessary technical knowledge and build team to meet organizational goals
  • Good mentor: Can leverage a wide breadth of technical knowledge to help sub-teams create more cohesive work
  • Strong technical communication skills: able to effectively communicate within scrum teams and across multi-geographic scrum teams
  • Team player: collaborates effectively with a variety of technical stakeholders
  • Humble: willing to learn from and listen to input from their teammates, especially those with different specialties

Your Profile:


  • BE/B.Tech Or MCA or M.Tech with 2-10 years of work experience in software development working with a team or leading a team
  • Hands on experience with Java or Microsoft Dot Net C# or JavaScript
  • Good knowledge of object-oriented (OOPS) concepts and design patterns
  • Sound knowledge of data structures and multi-threaded programming Good people skills


  • Experience in Cross platform development with both Windows & MAC
  • Hands-on experience in Scripting with JavaScript


Esko Graphics India Pvt. Ltd., A Group Company of the Danaher group ($20 Billion and Fortune 500 Company), is a global supplier of integrated software solutions for packagi...



  1. Before you attempt programming questions, you should choose a language from the given list.
  2. All inputs for the programming problems are from STDIN and output to STDOUT...


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