Currently, there are over 21 million war veterans in the United States of America(source). Leaving at a young age to fight for the country, these soldiers leave their families and homes behind and are at risk of losing so much even if they return.

They fight selflessly with the hope that they will make this world a better place — for their sons, daughters, families, and themselves. But when they get back, do they get the respect they deserve? The rewards that were promised? The lives and relationships they had?

Most would say, “not quite.”

Veteran Facts

Veteran Hacks is a campaign where Americans committed to this cause come together to create solutions and help the veterans reintegrate back into the society with honor, hope, and respect.

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Mental Health

During a war, a soldier sees and experiences unimaginable things which can cause extensive trauma and make them feel helpless or afraid. Long exposure to these situations can have a lasting impact on their mental health and cause illnesses such as PTSD, depression, or anxiety. The best way to help these vets is to be there for them. Being around loved ones and having people they can rely on ca...

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Upskilling and Employment

Moving from the military to civilian employment can be really difficult. Stark differences in work culture, behavior, relationships, and career progression between the military and a civilian profession can be very confusing. Adjusting to civilian life once again and starting a new career path often requires learning a new set of skills. Only 18.6% of the veterans have a bachelor’s degree and thei...

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Research suggests veterans are 50% more likely to become homeless than other Americans due to economic hardships, family obligations, service-related disabilities, and mental health issues that affect them after the war. Military pay grade, substance abuse, and post-traumatic stress are also contributing factors. Homelessness is not a stand-alone issue. With homelessness comes health and menta...

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Skills like leadership, self-confidence, determination make one a great team player. Add to this risk-taking, working well under pressure, and effectively managing resources, and you get the desired skill set for a perfect entrepreneur. Veterans have learned all of these skills during their stint in the military, and with a little help, they can effectively leverage them to start and manage su...

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Open Innovation

If you have ideas and solutions that can make a real impact on the lives of our beloved vets but do not fit into any of the above themes, feel free to categorize them under this one.


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