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Sep 09, 2021, 07:00 AM
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Oct 07, 2021, 05:00 PM



Pradiareň 1900

Svätoplukova 2A, 821 08 Ružinov, Slovakia


This hackathon will be a hybrid format. If you are able to attend in person at our Innovation Capability Center we encourage you to do so, local Covid guidance permitting. We request that all in person attendees are vaccinated or produce a negative Covid test within 48 hours of attending.


Data and technology are transforming the pharmaceutical/biotech industries, and Takeda is no exception to the societal shift. To remain a leader in the marketplace, our mission is more than keeping pace with the change — we must be out in front, driving and shaping it. This is the vision that will help to shape our future at the new Innovation Capability Center in Bratislava, Slovakia. The Center is the catalyst for Takeda’s change in creating a future-ready organization by providing the ability to evolve at the speed of science and technology and meeting the needs of patients by seeking and incorporating novel digital capabilities, data, and a highly collaborative global environment.

We are hosting this hackathon to bring together the local technology community to share ideas and to come up with innovative solutions to real problems we face. The intention is to host a hybrid event, and this may shift based on local Covid guidance in Slovakia. This single phase event will give you the chance to win cash prizes, swag, and networking with the Global IT leadership team at Takeda! We encourage all technology enthusiasts to participate!



Proof of Concepts and Prototypes are encouraged but not necessary. There is no bar on technology!

Taking the patient experience to digital

Covid-19 transformed the way all industries operate and interact with their customers, or in Takeda’s case, our patients. Think of a need a patient may face in Covid (e.g., teleconsultation, e-pharmacy, e-diagnostics, etc.) that would be better delivered using digital channels. Design an application (wireframes and prototype) that showcases sample customer journey with potential features including UI/UX considerations..

Workplace and Workforce of the Future

Covid-19 redefined the way organizations work, and the future of the traditional office setting will increasingly become hybrid. How can we leverage technology to improve the way people work in the new model, especially with regard to collaboration and productivity? Design an application (wireframes and prototype) that can support or enhance the remote work experience (e.g., virtual office tours, file sharing etc.).

Omnichannel doctor experience

With the rise of digital channels for doctor-patient interactions, clinic and practice management for doctors is taking an omnichannel turn. Design an application (wireframes and prototype) that helps doctors manage their clinic/practice while considering patients that require both tele-consult and physical consult (e.g., calendar management, online payment etc.).

Leveraging publicly available COVID dataset

Leveraging this publicly available COVID dataset (or any other publicly available dataset), perform an analysis to identify any trends from the beginning of the pandemic to the present day. Create a visualization that supports insights you may have derived on how those trends would impact pharma industry in particular.


Main Prizes
First Prize
USD 3000
Second Prize
USD 2000
Third Prize
USD 1000
starts on:
Sep 09, 2021, 07:00 AM
closes on:
Oct 07, 2021, 05:00 PM

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