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starts on:
Sep 14, 2017, 08:00 AM
ends on:
Sep 15, 2017, 09:20 AM

Judging Criteria

Code Quality (20 Marks)

  • Coding standard, beautified and well-maintained clean code, external libraries
  • Algorithms, Web API, creativity, logic, framework, network communication
  • Use of version control, demo url and deployment tools to make development operations easier
  • Documentation, Collaborative tools and devOps automation
  • Some extra pointers for predictive data analytics / machine learning areas.
    • Functionality and efficiency of the code and a chosen method (i.e. Python, R, Tableau, SAS, Microsoft BI, etc.)
    • If the solution covers valid trends, data points and/or statistical analysis on given problem/dataset
    • Relevance of data points and produced output w.r.t. data analysis, processing, probability and statistics
    • Use of sane and relevant Graph/Chart (Pareto/Bar, Pie/Circle, Histogram, Dot Plot, Scatter, Line, Cosmographs, Area, Waterfall, Radar, Bubble, etc)
    • Use of Maps/Visualization (Comparisons, Proportions, Relationships, Hierarchy, Distribution, Movement/Flow, Pattern, Geographical, Vector, Heat, etc) wherever required.

Pitch / Presentation to the Jury (20 Marks)

  • Demonstration of how solution works
  • Relevance of pain points Presentation/Solution is trying to address
  • How creatively is the demo and other supporting deliverables are presented by the candidate
  • Viability of Pitch and overall effectiveness on relevant domain

Overall Usability (20 Marks)

  • Overall functionality of the submission
  • Use of sane labels/text/context/design which would make sense
  • Added efforts/features/value to the overall work (video, presentation, etc)
  • Embracing innovation/idea/task in mind
  • Lesser bugs

Completeness (20 Marks)

  • Covering all the major requirements asked in problem statement
  • Detailed Documentation, Robust Design and architectural knowledge
  • Build wireframe or flow to further explain the solution/hack
  • Deployment and Live Demo
  • Going extra mile to build full fledged function product

Total - 80 Marks

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