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Hacking is building things that you always wanted to have but no one has built it yet. It's to come up with an amazing idea and work tirelessly on it. It is to fail, fail again and fail better. Try out new things and learn while doing that. It's to work together, collaborate and build things that are innovative. It is to be a better programmer.

With that spirit, The University School of Information Communication & Technology in association with Ultrahack and Codestreet, is conducting a hackathon - UHack and invites all developers and hackathon enthusiasts to participate in an interesting and engaging hackathon.


AI in media


Create Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for digital journalism service. Solution domains we appreciate

For users: personal content delivery (e.g. quality content recommendations without creating filter bubbles)
For users: content classification (e.g. automated keyword/concept extraction from text, pictures and video)
For users: text summarization (e.g. trustworthy method for shortening text)
For business: content demand prediction (e.g. method to predict demand of an article before it is published)
For business: Create methods for understanding readers/users better
For business and journalists: How to create structured data from unstructured data sources for content creation (e.g. event data)
For the whole media industry: super AI solutions


Entrants should take into account that journalism services are based on transparency and trust. All solutions should aim to increase trust between users and automation system.

Making use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is vital to the success of media company in the near future
In the media sector artificial intelligence is not yet widely utilized
Raising knowledge and skills is important
The best way to explore the topic is to make bold experiments in co-operation with expert organizations

With the Ultrahack challenge, we want to gain an understanding of the possibilities of applying artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Future Finance


Invent the future of finance with Open Banking and Distributed Ledger Technology (Corda).

Future of financial services is going through dramatic changes through availability of Open APIs and emerging of the next generation financial infrastructure (like Corda by R3). Utilizing Corda will change the way transactions are handled on any web service or bank-to-bank transaction.
Solution domains we appreciate:

Explore the distributed ledger technology with Corda core developers and create a solution that digitizes processes

Utilize Corda to your existing app/platform as a preferred method financial transaction
Create an app that runs on the new Open Banking interfaces and helps in making saving money or managing finances great again
Solutions you create with Corda might:
Create entirely new ways to pay through shared ledger
Automate a transaction or finance it between different parties of the ledger
Simplify other finance processes (e.g. insuring, managing credit risk or help reduce effort required for meeting regulatory requirements)

Solutions you create with our Open Banking APIs might:

Automate savings to achieve goals and dreams
Simplify understanding daily spending
Help enable achieving of financial independence

In our challenge, you and your team get to play with the future fabrics of finance industry. This is amongst the first opportunities to receive support from the developers of the Corda Core platform in a hackathon. Also, Open Banking is emerging topic as PSD2 regulation opens up banking in Europe.

Now is the ideal time to work for the future of financial services!

Hack the Job


Digitalization and globalization are challenging traditional job markets and public employment services. There is a universal need for addressing the problems related to immigration, employee skill presentation, employer comparisons, self-employment, entrepreneurship, platforms combining public and private stakeholders, millennials as job seekers, matchmaking, career advice or updating education. Create a digital solution or tool that alleviates any of those job market issues. Solution domains we appreciate

Job seekers: Services that support immigrant job seekers to find meaningful tasks and jobs and integrate in their new home country
Job seekers: Services that offer crowd-based support for young job seekers (15-30 year old) + New services for Ohjaamo
Job seekers: Any tech that supports job seekers with disabilities (osatyökykyinen), with handicap to become employed
Employers: Services that support employers in recruiting immigrant job seekers
Entrepreneurs: Services that support self-employment, part-time employment and entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurs: Marketplaces for retiring entrepreneurs and potential successors
Students: New employment and career services for students
Everyone: Tools and services that support expertise self-expression and peer-evaluation on multiple media platforms
Everyone: Comparison of employers and organizations; rating solutions backed up with financial, industry and trend data
Everyone: Any value adding services and trainings to Työmarkkinatori
Everyone: Any technology that supports employment, matchmaking and new forms of work life
Everyone: Tools that help to recognize gaps in people’s expertise, support their training and gamify learning process.
Hack the Construction Industry Productivity


Digitalization of the construction site operations management is a complex and inherently local endeavour. Multiple subcontractors with varying capabilities and software are expected to plan, execute and audit a certain site. Offering right incentives and working platforms and apps is essential to create a “digital leap”, peak productivity leading to time and financial savings, and ultimately increased value.

Developing universal platform for construction site management is not the target of this challenge, but developing apps that can pinpoint selected pains, shortcomings and inefficiencies. Ideally, these individual apps could work together utilizing open API’s and as a whole become more than a sum of its parts.

Therefore, we welcome a variety of construction apps to this challenge and offer bunch of use cases that highlight the shortcomings on constructions sites. These can relate to communication, logistics, purchasing, contracting, scheduling, task planning etc.

Develop apps or solutions which make construction site operations and knowledge management more productive, transparent and smooth. Utilize existing data models/platforms.

Challenge description with available datasets, API's and other relevant information will be updated soon.

Health Hack

Challenge in brief

How to help Parkinson’s Disease patients to achieve better quality of life with gamification? Create solutions for physical, mental and cognitive training purposes. Parkinson’s disease & Gamification

Gamification and other digital solutions (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Wearables, Sensors etc) can provide innovative approach for fun and attractive solutions to improve the quality of life of the patients, caregivers and/or family members or health care providers (nurses, doctors). We want to see creative concepts that can be turned in concrete and user friendly products delivering value to the users. Solution types we appreciate

Solutions that support the whole ecosystem, not just one target:

Patient (e.g. helping with symptoms or side effects of Parkinson’s Disease, increasing patients’ independence or maintaining ability for daily activities, follow-up of symptoms over time, increase user satisfaction)
Family member/caregiver (giving the caregiver more “own time”, helping to understand the patient, how is e.g my husband/wife doing)
Health care provider (nurse, doctor): more detailed information of how well patient´s PD has been in control between the visits, help decide what would help him/her best
Society; improve correctly timed dosing leading to better control of symptoms and less need of other medical resources
Etc – let your mind fly

Feel free to innovate and make jaws drop.


Main Prizes
Cash Prize (5)
INR 30000

To be distributed among winners.

Sprint - II Finals (3)
EUR 5000

Grand Slam Prize as mentioned on UltraHack.

Trip To Finland

No. of Winners will be Decided By Ultrahack

Special Prizes
Digital Ocean Credits (200)
USD 15

Credits to each Participant.

OYO Room Discount (150)

50% Reimbursement by Oyo Rooms booked for the accommodation.

.Tech Domain (200)

1 Free Domain to each participant.

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