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idea phase
starts on:
05 Oct 2017, 01:00 AM IST
ends on:
12 Oct 2017, 02:00 PM IST
starts on:
Oct 14, 2017 12:00 PM IST
ends on:
Oct 15, 2017 02:30 PM IST


Hacking is building things that you always wanted to have but no one has built it yet. It's to come up with an amazing idea and work tirelessly on it. It is to fail, fail again and fail better. Try out new things and learn while doing that. It's to work together, collaborate and build things that are innovative. It is to be a better programmer.

With that spirit, The University School of Information Communication & Technology in association with Ultrahack and Codestreet, is conducting a hackathon - UHack and invites all developers and hackathon enthusiasts to participate in an interesting and engaging hackathon.


AI in media


Create Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for digital journalism service. Solution domains we appreciate

For users: personal content delivery (e.g. quality content recommendations without creating filter bubbles)
For users: content classification (e.g. automated keyword/concept extraction from text, pictures and video)
For users: text summarization (e.g. trustworthy method for shorte...
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Future Finance


Invent the future of finance with Open Banking and Distributed Ledger Technology (Corda).

Future of financial services is going through dramatic changes through availability of Open APIs and emerging of the next generation financial infrastructure (like Corda by R3). Utilizing Corda will change the way transactions are handled on any web service or bank-to-bank transaction.
Solution doma...

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Hack the Job


Digitalization and globalization are challenging traditional job markets and public employment services. There is a universal need for addressing the problems related to immigration, employee skill presentation, employer comparisons, self-employment, entrepreneurship, platforms combining public and private stakeholders, millennials as job seekers, matchmaking, career advice or updating e...

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Hack the Construction Industry Productivity


Digitalization of the construction site operations management is a complex and inherently local endeavour. Multiple subcontractors with varying capabilities and software are expected to plan, execute and audit a certain site. Offering right incentives and working platforms and apps is essential to create a “digital leap”, peak productivity leading to time and financial savings, and ultim...

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Health Hack

Challenge in brief

How to help Parkinson’s Disease patients to achieve better quality of life with gamification? Create solutions for physical, mental and cognitive training purposes. Parkinson’s disease & Gamification

Gamification and other digital solutions (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Wearables, Sensors etc) can provide innovative approach for fun and attractive solutions to improve...

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Feel free to innovate and make jaws drop.


Main Prizes
Cash Prize (5)
INR 30000

To be distributed among winners.

Sprint - II Finals (3)
EUR 5000

Grand Slam Prize as mentioned on UltraHack.

Trip To Finland

No. of Winners will be Decided By Ultrahack

Special Prizes
Digital Ocean Credits (200)
USD 15

Credits to each Participant.

OYO Room Discount (150)

50% Reimbursement by Oyo Rooms booked for the accommodation.

.Tech Domain (200)

1 Free Domain to each participant.

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