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Sep 01, 2022, 05:00 PM
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Sep 19, 2022, 11:00 PM


TIBCO Software (, a global leader of enterprise integration and analytics software, and the TIBCO LABS™ innovation team ( are excited to announce the IoT and ESG (environmental, social, governance) hackathon.


The world has shifted dramatically in the past few years, and with these unprecedented changes comes a crucial rethinking of how companies operate and how employees view themselves and their livelihoods.

The way the earth works is evolving, and innovators are needed to build a new work environment. At TIBCO, we believe that technology and the right ideas can make a better earth. Your participation is instrumental in redefining how businesses, corporations, and institutions can make positive differences.

For this hackathon, we challenge you to solve a specific problem related to one or more of the following:

  • The Environment (climate change strategy, energy efficiency, carbon intensity, pollution)
  • Our Society (human rights, health, safety, equal opportunity, freedom, work from home)
  • Corporate Governance (improved business ethics, environmental compliance, code of conduct, diversity, inclusion)

These themes, referred to as ESG (environment, social, governance), are critical to our world’s transformation. Progress in these areas, among others, shows a brand’s commitment to change, leadership, and a mission worth supporting.

ESG is very broad, with many related categories, including examples such as:


However, there are many challenges to ESG adoption and execution, including the difficulty of gathering trusted data for reporting. Measuring energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, staff turnover, company reputation, brand loyalty, regulatory compliance, or even privacy requires accurate and timely data, often from a variety of sources. And there are other barriers, including lack of:

  • Consistent reporting standards
  • Clear definitions on what is good and bad
  • Transparency or sufficient corporate disclosure
  • Instrumentation and detailed measurements

For this hackathon, we are keeping the boundaries small to make sure the ideas are big! The requirement is to propose projects that address one or more global ESG reporting challenges by incorporating IoT and TIBCO LABS™ Project AIR.

Why IoT? Never before has IoT been so important in solving complicated and expensive ESG problems. By using off-the-shelf hardware and open source solutions like Project AIR, the developer community can break the mold. Tapping into a firehose of IoT data (at astounding scale) can power new AI models, real-time insights, and new experiences in VR and mobile.

From measuring energy efficiency and carbon reduction to making organizations more diverse and inclusive, the Internet of Things (IoT) and ESG are natural partners; please focus your submissions on this combination. Be creative, and remember that while submissions can target suggestions such as those that follow, you can also propose others. Here are just a few thoughts to get you going.

Project AIR (

Hack for Environmental & Sustainability Reporting

The IoT can act as a source of information for many environmental initiatives and ESG metrics. From measuring energy reduction in a smart building to tracking a product through each step in the circular economy, intelligent IoT devices can provide the data needed to convey the success an organization is having in reaching its sustainability goals.

What are some specific examples of using IoT data to support environmental and sustainability reporting? Where would this data come from, and how would it be collected and processed? Could analytics be applied to enrich or augment this data and make it more valuable? How could this data be trusted? We want to hear your ideas!

Hack for Social Reporting

The impact an organization has on society, and the way it manages its relationships with customers, partners, and employees, have huge impacts on employee retention, productivity, brand loyalty, and reputation. However, measuring these impacts can be difficult, as data is often not collected or made available in a way that makes it easy to use and understand.

IoT can assist with these problems. Wearable devices can detect and warn employees of health issues. Information gathered on product use can guide customers towards recycled products or signal when a product should be refurbished. Social safety nets could be optimized through improved patient monitoring and analytics.

What other information could IoT provide to increase an organization’s ability to hire and retain employees? How could analytics augment this data to make it more effective when measuring brand loyalty or reputation? Feel free to be creative with your solution!

Hack for Governance Reporting

Ensuring regulatory compliance, protecting shareholder rights, following data privacy guidelines, meeting legal requirements, and providing transparent accountability are critical to an organization’s ESG strategy. Organizations must avoid “ESG washing,” prioritizing ESG efforts according to organizational goals. They must seek a balance between revenue-generating activities and environmental and societal initiatives.

How can IoT ensure that companies are meeting their governance and operational reporting needs? Can IoT help ensure data privacy? Or improve data quality? How can IoT devices — perhaps when combined with technologies such as blockchain — help an organization meet its regulatory or legal requirements? This is a tough one, but opportunities do exist for IoT in this area, so use your imagination!


Main Prizes
First Place
USD 5,000

Nailed every element and impressed the judges.

Second Place
USD 2,500

Almost perfect, but missing an element or two.

Third Place
USD 1,500

So very close, maybe next time.

Special Prizes
CTO Award
USD 1,500

TIBCO Software’s CTO will select one submission from the hackathon phase to receive this award. Selection criteria may include, but are not limited to, creativity, implementation architecture, quality of submission/content, clarity of message, and use of Project AIR.

starts on:
Sep 01, 2022, 05:00 PM
closes on:
Sep 19, 2022, 11:00 PM

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