Silicon Valley IoT & Blockchain Hackathon

71 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5
71 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5

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starts on:
Jun 08, 2020, 05:00 PM
ends on:
Jun 26, 2020, 11:00 PM


Organizations that use or are thinking of using blockchain technology often consider utilizing smart contracts to automate the processing of business transactions across the network.

Of course, to work properly in this context, these bits of logic may depend on trusted data from outside sources, including IoT. Do you have a good enterprise use case that could benefit from blockchain and the use of smart contracts?

Have some ideas on how to bring IoT into the solution while addressing problems such as trust and scale? Want to try the technology and have some fun in the process? Then this hackathon is for you!

Deploy a blockchain, build/deploy some smart contracts, create the right interfaces and integrations, and perhaps even come up with that next new business model!


In addition to the two challenges mentioned below, we have an additional mini-challenge for all the participants.

The details for the mini-challenge are listed below:

First 50 submissions receive Particle - Grove Starter Kit and Argon Kit for Particle ($70 USD value)

Best Overall Wins - Particle IoT Starter Kit (value $99 USD) + The Particle Air Quality Monitoring Kit (value $154 USD)

Best Overall Win judging criteria will be: creativity, completeness of integration


  • In addition to the mini-challenge, you can participate in only one of the main challenges listed below.
  • The submissions for the mini-challenge can be made in this form.
  • Kindly ensure that the video URL's submitted can be accessed without any authorization barrier for evaluation.

Hackathon Office Hours:

TIBCO Challenge

Prize will be awarded to the solutions that demonstrate the best convergence of blockchain and IoT in an enterprise context. Use TIBCO LABS™ Project Dovetail (blockchain) or Project Air (IoT) separately, or combine them to create a powerful demonstration of how IoT can augment blockchain technology for the growing digital, decentralized world.

Useful Links:

WWCode Challenge: Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment - 1.7 billion are “unbanked,” without access to a financial account or mobile money provider. And 56% of unbanked adults are women. This is just one of the impactful SDGs that impact the lives of women. Use blockchain to provide a solution that aligns with the UN’s SDG 1, SDG 8, or SDG 10.

Judging criteria for SDG 1, SDG 8, or SDG 10

  • Integration of Project Dovetail -10 pts
  • Attempted Integration of Project Dovetail- 2 pts
  • Mentorship and Participation- 2 pts
  • Successful Project Dovetail Integration -2 pts
  • Successful Project - 2 pts
  • Kudos- something impressive - 2 pts
  • Judging criteria for UN SDG:

  • Did you use a blockchain in order to provide a solution that aligns with a UN SDG - 5pts
  • Judging criteria for WWCode:

  • Have a woman in a technical role - 1 pt
  • Have a woman on your team -1 pt
  • Amplify a woman’s voice - 1 pt
  • Provide a solution that impacts people who identify as women - 2 pts

  • Prizes USD 5000 in prizes

    Main Prizes
    TIBCO First Place
    USD 2500

    $2,500 Amazon Voucher for Team

    TIBCO 2nd Place
    USD 1000

    $1,000 Amazon Voucher for team

    TIBCO 3rd Place
    USD 500

    $500 Amazon Voucher for team

    Special Prizes
    Sponsor Prize: WWCode
    USD 1000

    $1,000 Amazon Voucher for team

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