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In the world famous format, SRM Hackathon will challenge you to use your coding prowess to solve some intriguing real life problems ranging from economy, science to social implications. Not only does it test your skills to the extremes but it also pushes you to think of the real world scenario and what you can do to be a hero of the society. It will test your efficiency, technical skills and creativity in real time problem solving.

In an attempt to uphold the standards of the hackathon format, our edition promises to be bigger and better, surpassing boundaries and setting new benchmarks for all fests of its kind. SRM Hackathon over a period of 2 days is all set to quench the thirst of ardent coders across the nation. Having a team size of 1-5, it is sure to invite a greater crowd, even amateurs. The beauty of a Hackathon lies in the unyielding and unrelenting nature of its participants. This is one of the few fests that gives the developers a prospect to unleash their talents and compete for rewards.

The Hackathon will be in 3 phases :

First phase : Idea Submission - Submit the synopsis of your solution inline with one of the themes of the hackathon. You will have to submit your idea on or before 25th of September, 2016.

Second Phase: Participants will be shortlisted based on their synopsis and the selected participants will be allowed for Third Phase.

Third phase : Offline Hackathon - Hack on your idea and develop in a 36-hour hackathon in the offline phase which will take place on the 3rd and 4th of October, 2016 at SRM University , Kattankulathur Campus, Chennai.

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In today's world of conflict and mad scramble for power, where do we draw our line of defense? Coherent planning and execution at the ground level to maximize the efficiency and minimize the loss of human lives is the need of the hour! Thus, as tech savvy citizens of the nation, take this opportunity to inculcate the use of technology and build applications that would transform the way wars are b...

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With the advancement in technology, the world of commerce has undergone an ocean of changes and has revolutionized the way we do commerce in real life. The ability to sit at home, browse through millions of products and get them delivered with a click of a button is revolutionary. The software to be used here has to be versatile and highly efficient in order to successfully handle the pressure of ...

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“A traveller sees what he can see, but a tourist sees what he has come to see”. Overriding all the significant sectors of income today is tourism. As it is a major contributor to our funding system, we aim at huge data storage, processing and management. Exploiting the most lethal weapon of modern era, “the codes”, we develop certain software made for our use and which can be customized when and w...

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Health Care

What stays with mankind throughout their lives, their life! Health ensures and assures us of our life. Since, healthcare attains such significance in our existence, we seek at improving, developing and maintaining the technologies to surpass all boundaries and constraints, which in turn is a chronicle to our effort at curing ailments and saving lives.


Newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, are only these our media? Absolutely not! Social media is not about exploiting technology, rather serving humanity. But there are infinite hindrances to every noble idea in the world. We don’t require a dollop to serve the purpose, instead a businesslike and a concrete one. Spotting, focusing and delivering the right information at the right time, is the kingpin o...

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Women Safety

It is a matter of concern that we as a society fail at securing not only the interests, but also the basic rights of half and constitution of its full. And now, as educated members of the society, conceiving, developing and rising from the stagnant and inefficient technological and social failures is our responsibility as well as our duty. As “Women Safety” has to be and is our prime concern in al...

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Prizes INR 3,00,000 in prizes

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Main Prizes
1st Prize

Prize worth 1,50,000

2nd Prize

Prize worth 1,00,000

3rd Prize

Prize worth 50,000

Special Prizes
Internships (3)

Internship to be awarded to the top 3 teams.

Online courses (6)

6 online courses will be provided to the top 3 teams .

GitHub (200)

Unlimited Repository for winning team for one year.

Unlimited Repository for each shortlisted participant for one month.

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