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Sep 08, 2018, 10:00 AM
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Sep 09, 2018, 02:00 PM



SRC Code is a 24 hour long free-to-attend hackathon made for high school students in the Bay Area, meant to empower any student who wants to code. Run by students for students, this event educates and provides a valuable opportunity for those looking to pursue computer science — regardless of their skill level. Attendees will work in teams of four to create software/hardware projects for an environmental, educational, or entertainment cause.

In order to make this opportunity open to all members of our community, we're making the event free. We provide a space to work, Wi-Fi, free food, and various workshops & activities to create the best experience possible. We want to ensure that all attendees leave having learned something new about computer programming. This year, we are aiming to accommodate more than 250 attendees with a similar gender ratio.



The power couple of technology and educational content has revolutionised how people learn today. From online universities like Coursera and Udacity, to learning management solutions like Moodle - technology has changed the art of education for the better. But we’re still scratching the surface. With the advent of big data technology, mobility and the maturing of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the world is now ready for ed-tech 2.0. Think you can harness these powerful tools and give a new dimension to educational technology?


It wasn’t too long ago, when the first 512 kbps broadband hit the scenes and before you knew it, the internet highways were so broad, that internet enabled entertainment is replacing the television. You have your favorite TV shows streamed straight to your personal devices and the archive of every known musician that ever recorded an album is available via a few touches. Surely, there is no shortage of data or the ability to serve it. You’ve got the data and you’ve got the infrastructure to make it available to everyone with an internet enabled device - what do you think is next in entertainment technology?


Our global environment is constantly changing, with issues like climate change and natural disasters present across the world. Technology has the potential to fix these issues, from helping people limit their environmental impact to aiding first responders. How will you use technlogy to make a positive impact on our planet?

Prizes USD 19829.52 in prizes

Main Prizes
First Place Overall
USD 429.52

Beats Solo 2 Luxe Edition Headphones for all team members

Second Place Overall
USD 180

Premium Think Boards for all team members (Sponsored by ThinkBoard)

Third Place Overall
USD 960

100% Discount Code for Any Product From the All Products Pack for all team members (Sponsored by JetBrains)

Special Prizes
Top Twelve Runner-Up Teams (12)
USD 18000

Wolfram|One Personal Edition + One-Year Subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro for all team members (Sponsored by Wolfram Language)

Best App Built Using the Hasura GraphQL Engine (Sponsored by Hasura)
USD 100

The Hasura GraphQL engine gives you instant realtime GraphQL APIs on a new or existing Postgres database. The best app built using the Hasura GraphQL Engine will win a 100$ Gift coupon from Amazon.

Best Beginner Project
USD 160

Choice of one game per team member from the following: Burnout Paradise Remastered for the PS4, Star Wars Battlefront II for the PS4, Plants vs. Zombies GW2 Deluxe Edition for the Xbox One, and UFC3 for the Xbox One. Every member on a team must have never attended a hackathon before to be eligible for this prize (Sponsored by EA)

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