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Sep 17, 2016, 12:00 PM
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Space Apps Next Gen is the first two-day high school space hackathon where diverse teams of students from the Greater New York City Area learn, collaborate, and engage with publicly available data to solve real-world scientific challenges. The event brings together ~200 mentors and participants and exposes 150+ students to the powerful fusion of data and programming with science, tapping their potential to solve the problems of tomorrow.



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Digital has impacted us in a manner that no other technology had ever been able to do so. Today everything is digital from day one, and with that comes an immense opportunity to leverage two core functions of digital - easy access to humongous volume of data and ability to disseminate information at massive scale. How can you leverage these things to build apps that can help improve our experience of everything around us.


Our day-to-day work lives have become so dependent on suite of productivity tools that help save time and increase our overall work output. From emails to cloud file storage to offline/online messaging, the world of productivity apps have evolved with changing times. Still a whole lot of them suffer from a brisk fragmentation and incompatibility issues. A simplified, seamless experience for all such apps would be ideal for most professionals and consumers alike.

Big Data

Data can unravel things helping us challenge the status quo everyday. Big data can help us solve big problems and help us solve real life challenges in any field across economy, governance, mobility, quality of life etc.

Cloud Computing

Build applications that leverage cloud infrastructure. Re-imagine how things like cloud storage and cloud computing can help you solve real world problems in a different and scalable manner.


The power couple of technology and educational content has revolutionised how people learn today. From online universities like Coursera and Udacity, to learning management solutions like Moodle - technology has changed the art of education for the better. But we’re still scratching the surface. With the advent of big data technology, mobility and the maturing of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the world is now ready for ed-tech 2.0. Think you can harness these powerful tools and give a new dimension to educational technology?


As of 2015, the gaming industry is worth 111 billion dollars. And while console games are still preferred by most avid gamers today, the number of PC and mobile gamers are equally high. With close to a million games on both Android and iOS, games are the most popular category of apps on the mobile platform. Multiplayer and web enabled games on PC has only seen more adoption year on year. And to think that both these platforms are less than 10 years old only means one thing - there’s a huge wave coming for mobile developers. Are you going to ride it?


This era is of the robots. The scope of things that robots are doing today are pushing the boundaries of human imagination. From autonomous planetary exploration bots to semi-humanoid robots that can provide cognitive support. From high-tech surgical robots that assist in complex medical procedures to autonomous self-driving cars. Robots are helping us to re-imagine the world that we see around us. So what can you build in the world of robotics that help us solve problems, solutions for which previously did not exist.

Internet of Things

A world of devices connected by internet opens up opportunities for us that were previously unthinkable. The fact that devices can now be connected to each other, share data and take intelligent decisions by talking to other devices can disrupt the way we interact with our surroundings. Build applications on Internet of Things that help us improve our experience in our day to day life.


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