Announcement - The shortlists has been announced. The team leader would have received a mail if the team is shortlisted.

The Evaluations have started. The sooner you submit the ideas, the better.

Ensure the following to consider your idea submissions

  • Provide appropriate details while registration.
  • Form your team. Minimum team size - 3. Maximum team size - 5.

About Hackathon -

REVA University brings to you, one of a kind hackathon Hackfest 2018 - IoT for Smart Life exclusively for college students.

Today wherever we go, we hear a term called “IoT” which is creating more buzz in the list of emerging technologies in embraced by many big brands, consumers, and startups paving way for lots of innovation in technology. The motive of this hackathon is to give students, a flavor to create IoT based Tech-projects that has a positive social impact.

Nowadays, whether a person is at home or in office or in business, he/she needs to reduce their time in doing routine small tasks like managing household activities within the time frame available; managing office activities according to the schedules; handling business activities without any slip in the schedules. The solution for the above comfort is automation and networking of people and devices.

This hackathon has problem statements under different themes. You are expected to build an IoT based solution to make our lives "smart".

The hackathon has two-phase:

  • Online Idea phase - You can submit multiple ideas.
  • Offline Hackathon - The shortlisted ideas will be invited to REVA University for a 36 hours hackathon to build your prototype on the idea which was shortlisted.

Eligibility Criteria - This hackathon is open only for college students.

Note -

  • The online idea submission phase does not have any registration fee.
  • For the shortlisted students to participate in the offline event, a registration fee of ₹ 1000 (per student) will be charged by REVA University. This includes T-shirt (per student), food and accommodation for those two days.
  • Hackfest 2018 T-shirt will be provided for each student from the shortlisted teams.
  • Team Leader only will be the point of contact for further communication.

This hackathon brings together, the talented and diverse minds from all backgrounds and foster collaboration towards solving the World’s most demanding IoT issues.

Rush to submit your ideas. The sooner you submit the ideas, the better.


Health care

Elderly care: To assist in their day to day activities like day planning and execution, clinic visits, purchases and entertainment.

Rehabilitation: Monitoring of an injured person to rehabilitate by the doctors and nursing staff.

Cancer treatment for the poor: Managing the schedules for cancer treatment, arranging finance for the treatment and motivation.


Attendance Monitoring: To monitor student attendance by accounting for his absence due to health problems or attending any curricular or extracurricular activities.

Alumni Interaction: To increase alumni interaction in the growth of the institution.

Fees payment tracking: To get the status of fees payment by students and handle his admission to programme, registration to course or workshops, issue...

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Home Automation

Kitchen Inventory: To track the status of groceries and trigger automatic purchases.

Electricity/Water/Gas Billing: To track and optimize the bill for electricity, water and gas.

Home Appliance Service/Insurance Management: To track and manage Service and insurance requirements of home appliances.


Driver Alert System: To track the status of driver alertness and inform all the stakeholders of it.

Accident Alert System: To predict and intimate the passengers of a vehicle in case of possible accidents.

Vehicle Service/Insurance Management: To track and manage Service and insurance requirements of home appliances.


Inventory Management: In finding the status of inventory of any goods/products/ medicines in shops/malls/medical shops and managing the reorders.

Navigation in Malls/Museums/Exhibition Halls: To assist the visitor in navigating to the required place in malls/exhibitions/ museums.

Self-Billing: To assist a customer to create a bill for his/her purchase in malls or shops.

Prizes INR 40000 in prizes

Main Prizes
First Prize worth
INR 20000
Second Prize worth
INR 10000
Special Prizes
Consolation Prizes worth (2)
INR 5000

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