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Oct 17, 2016, 02:00 AM
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Nov 25, 2016, 02:00 PM


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We invite you to participate in the world's first hackathon for creating new modules for Redis.
Put your geek hat on and change the world. Dream up any data processing scenario you want to solve with Redis. So what are you waiting for? Register today!

enter image description here Redis, the world’s most popular in-memory database, cache and message broker, recently introduced the Modules API. Redis Modules are add-ons to Redis which extend Redis to cover most of the popular use cases for any industry

Redis modules are dynamic libraries, that can be loaded into Redis at startup or using the MODULE LOAD command. Modules can be created by anyone. They seamlessly plug into open source Redis or enterprise-class Redis, are processed in-memory and enjoy Redis’ simplicity, super high performance, infinite scalability and high availability.

Join this hackathon to create novel Redis modules that extend Redis in ways not seen before! You can think of any new or old, cool or uncool scenario that would benefit from Redis’ high performance, simplicity and versatility and imagine a better way of doing it with Redis. Some examples of Redis modules can be found at The video below should also give you some ideas on what is possible with modules.

This hackathon begins online on October 17, but will conclude with onsite events on Nov 11-12 in San Francisco and Tel Aviv. While the onsite events are not mandatory, you could take advantage of networking with other Redis geeks and tap their knowledge in person.

For any technical queries please reach out @
For any assistance regarding hackathon reach out @

Participants are given a chance to pair up with International developers all over the world to showcase their amazing tech hacks!

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Redis Module Development

You will need to use your coding ability to build Redis modules. You are provided with some guidance and reference to begin your hack. You essentially have to build your own hacks independently or partner with others to innovate and create new Redis modules.

We would also be driving webinars in near future to assist you further in building your hack.

There are some quick references given below:

Redis Modules: an introduction to the API
Creating a redis Module in 15 lines of code!
Towards an extensible Redis Redis Loadable Modules System

Modules API Documentation
Modules API reference
Native types in Redis modules

How to create
Writing Redis Modules
Modules TL;DR
Extend Redis with Modules

Code & samples
Redis unstable branch
Redis Module SDK
Module Hub

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