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According to a study conducted by EDC in 2019, there are over 23.9 million developers around the globe. In today’s competitive world, hiring the right talent for their tech teams is a tedious and challenging task faced by many organizations. To build high-yielding and efficient teams, recruiters need to attract the right talent, ensure a seamless recruitment experience for candidates, and build a flourishing workplace.

On the other hand, 45% developers have reported that they do not receive feedback from recruiters post the interview, while 14% are bothered by the number of interview rounds, and 12% about the waiting period between interviews [Source: The 2020 HackerEarth Developer Survey]. Factors such as the above impact the process of onboarding the right candidates and building great tech teams.

We are inviting the global community of developers, data scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to join hands and build innovative, technological solutions to enhance experiences of recruiters and candidates throughout the tech recruitment process.

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Recruiter Experience
Candidate Profile Management
Process Management
Education and Learning

Candidate Profile Management

  • Develop a platform that enhances employer branding in order to attract highly skilled tech talent to the organization—by showcasing company culture, employee happiness indices, authorized certifications, career growth opportunities and others.
  • Build a suggestion/recommendation engine that automatically vets and picks out potential hires from job sites, based on the skill sets advertised by the organization.

Process Management

Considering factors like notice periods and competing offers, it is absolutely necessary for recruiters to keep candidates engaged. Hence, a tool that will allow recruiters to upload content and schedule emails, showcase growth opportunities within the organisation via career graphs, etc.—could definitely help combat the problem of drop-offs once offers are made.

  • Create a tool to automate the hiring of tech candidates with a minimum turnaround time.
  • Build a tool that assists recruiters to engage with candidates from when an offer is made to until they are onboarded in the organization.

Education and Learning

  • Analyze data on global hiring trends for tech talent and develop a dashboard to convey the same.
  • Build a platform based on API-adoption for recruiters to be updated on recent news of the tech industry such as up-and-coming technologies, new platform/application/toolkit launches, trending topics for developers, and global hiring trends.

Candidate Experience
Communications Management
Open Theme

Communications Management

  • Identify and execute solutions to make the hiring process more transparent; conveying information such as the number and description of interview rounds, compensation offered, expected turnaround time for final results, and the like. Include a channel for seamless communication between applicants and recruiters throughout the hiring process.
  • Develop a tracker system for applicants to view their current status of progress in the interview process, and compare it with an overview of other applicants for the same role.
Recruiters experience drop-offs during and after the interview process, while developers are left hanging without any feedback. A closed loop hiring process will eliminate this challenge.
  • Propose technologies and solutions to help recruiters and developers stay on the loop with the hiring process, receiving prompt result statements, irrespective of the outcome.
Open Theme
  • Build a platform similar to LinkedIn, wherein developers can display the multiple projects they have worked on and skills they have acquired, also allowing recruiters to search through and filter out candidates based on the skills required for a specific role.

Open Innovation
Open Theme
  • Create an application to identify and track compensation benchmarks for tech roles that are based on factors such as industry, region, company size, and the like.
  • Build a system to minimize drop-offs after recruiters confirm an offer.
  • Develop a platform similar to Glassdoor, wherein recruiters can anonymously add reviews and ratings for candidates.
  • Build a platform, wherein organizations can post upcoming hiring drives, and freelance recruiters can view and apply for these projects to work as a talent acquisition partner.
  • Suggest technologies/tools/applications to further improve the overall hiring process and experience, across the board.

Prizes USD 225 in prizes

Main Prizes

The winning team will be awarded a collective cash prize of USD 100 and we'll also graciously throw in a Certificate of Achievement for each member.

First runner-up

The winning team will be awarded a collective cash prize of USD 75 and we'll also graciously throw in a Certificate of Achievement for each member.

Second runner-up

The winning team will be awarded a collective cash prize of USD 50 and we'll also graciously throw in a Certificate of Achievement for each member.

Special Prizes
Certificate of Appreciation

Each competing member of the top five ranking teams will, in fact, receive a bragworthy Certificate of Appreciation for commendable participation.

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