Pitney Bowes Shipping Hackathon 2019

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Aug 29, 2019, 02:30 AM
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Sep 27, 2019, 01:29 PM
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Sep 27, 2019, 01:30 PM
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Sep 29, 2019, 01:29 PM



Inviting all global developers and startups to the most exciting technology Hackathon - The Pitney Bowes Shipping Hackathon 2019.

Pitney Bowes is a company in motion, always looking for new ways to help clients reduce complexity from business and send better. With this edition of the Pitney Bowes Shipping Hackathon, we are looking for innovative solutions to help 750,000 global business clients get access to modern mailing and shipping capabilities. Winning ideas will be built into working app prototypes using Pitney Bowes APIs and other partner technologies.

What is the challenge about?

The challenge for developers and startups is to build Android applications using technologies such as Cloud, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, that simplify Shipping and Mailing Operations for businesses across the globe.

Who are we building these applications for?

You are building applications for over 750,000 businesses across the globe ranging from insurance providers, lawyers, doctors, eCommerce merchants and others.

What’s in it for you?

The Hackathon offers an opportunity for innovators like you to leverage Pitney Bowes expertise and partner platforms to create apps and solutions for over 750,000 global business clients. There will be cash prizes worth $10,000 and exciting rewards for top teams. In addition, successful applications will be integrated into Pitney Bowes Shipping Product offerings.

What are we looking for in the application?

We are looking for applications that are innovative, technologically advanced and leverage Pitney Bowes and partners’ APIs or tech. Most importantly, we are looking for applications that help businesses simplify shipping and increase efficiency.


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Who should register?

Startups and developers across the globe are invited to participate in the ‘Pitney Bowes Shipping Hackathon 2019’.

Watch the webinar on 'Pitney Bowes Shipping Hackathon by Algorithmia and Pitney Bowes’ which can help you build innovate prototypes. Get more insight on Pitney Bowes Business and API’s, Algorithmia, and AI Marketplace.


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Seamless and Intelligent Shipping

Providing businesses with an intelligent way to ship that is both cost-effective and efficient.

Use cases you can explore:

1. Intelligent Parcel shipping/Tracking/Receiving using AI/ML-based techniques e.g. Using Historical data to provide suggestions, Savings, visual recognition of parcel type and suggestive packing to reduce shipping cost and space.
2. Parcel Receiving Management: Use AI/ML to automate screening and receiving of parcel - the most secure way to do it.
3. Predictive Shipping Planner: use of Google API’s, Carrier API’s to predict the most efficient way to plan and send the shipments. Any integrations with retail or eCommerce orders for such a planner also falls in this area.
4. Parcel Security: Develop ML/AI based parcel scanning system to scan the shipment for dangerous goods being shipped.
5. Voice Supported Shipping: Build a conversational user interface for shipping tablet to enable shippers to pick, pack and ship orders with voice-enabled commands like Alexa, Google Assistant. It may include, but not limited to, handling orders, printing labels, packing slips, purchasing postage, checking balances.
6. Parcel Insurance: Use Predictive analytics to suggest the parcel insurance amount based on Pitney Bowes datasets (Crime, Geography).
7. Reduce undelivered mails and packages by enhancing addressing capabilities.
8. Carrier choices based on cost, predictive delivery, the value on added services or fastest delivery.

Business Productivity

Businesses often have little to no room for error, and productivity depends on hyper-smart time management and budget-friendly choices. Can your application help boost their Performance and Productivity?

Some key areas include:

1. Manage Employees: Employee Scheduling, Attendance & timesheets, Employee Tracking, Payroll, HRM.
2. Connected Customer: Customer outreach and Customer Engagement: Staying connected with customers to increase engagement.
3. Marketing: Increase your customer footprint.
4. Connectors: to various eCommerce market places.
5. Expense Management.
6. Develop a point of Sale Systems App: Clients today need a simple and easy way to process retail or service transaction.

Open Innovation

Any Innovative solution which can help small businesses work faster, easier and better.

Use cases you can explore but not limited to:

1. Using intelligent locker for shipping and receiving packets.
2. Label less Shipping: Innovative ways to send a shipment/parcel without labels such as using QR codes or other ways.
3. Help ship globally – 2/3 day delivery apps to send parcels globally.

Note: You can ideate and create a prototype on anything which helps businesses scale and is not mentioned in the above themes.

Prizes USD 15500 in prizes

Chance to Monetize your App with Pitney Bowes.

Main Prizes
$5000 Cash - The Grand Prize
USD 5000
  • USD 5000
  • Opportunity to integrate and monetize your app with Pitney Bowes
$3000 Cash - First Runner Up
USD 3000
  • USD 3000
  • Opportunity to integrate and monetize your app with Pitney Bowes
$2000 Cash - Second Runner Up
USD 2000
  • USD 2000
  • Opportunity to integrate and monetize your app with Pitney Bowes
Special Prizes
$3000 Cloud & Firebase Credits from Google
USD 3000

Our partner Google Cloud will give Start Package with $3000 Google Cloud Platform & Firebase Credits and 1-hour technical product review/mentoring by Google to all winning teams.

$2000 Cash Prize for Innovative Application using Freshworks APIs
USD 2000

Our Partner Freshworks will give $2000 Cash Prize for the best use of Freshwork's APIs in the most innovative app.

Amazon Echo Show Device by Shyplite

Our Partner Shyplite will give Amazon Echo Show - Premium sound and a vibrant 10.1" HD screen for most Innovative App under Seamless and Intelligent Shipping category.

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