IndiaHacks Open Source Tracks Leaderboard

  • The scores on the leader-board is calculated based on the numbers of GitHub issues solved and the corresponding tags/labels from the projects listed on the IndiaHacks open source track page.
  • The clash in the ranks according to the scores is solved by considering the time stamp of the issue solved, i.e the first person to reach X score is ranked higher than others.
  • Please click here to view all contributions considered for scoring from the featured projects.
  • Please note:
    This is the final ranking, as we included the missing GitHub contributions based on issues solved.
    1. We had already instructed to send solved GitHub issues to us. Still, We got links of PR which we have tried linking github issues to PR which was sent to us, few PRs are rejected as we couldn't find any issue related to it.
    2. We have rejected those GitHub issues which are not tagged. As we had already conveyed to the Project maintainers that tagged issues are the one related to IndiaHacks Open Source Tracks.
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