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Jan 22, 2016, 12:30 PM
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Jan 31, 2016, 05:30 PM


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The most fundamental impact of technology and the internet has been on the way we buy things. Right from our basic daily needs like food, groceries, clothes to bigger things things in life like electronics, furniture and cars. Everything can be bought online.

E-commerce has changed our fundamental shopping behavior. The ability to sit at your home, browse through millions of products and shop with a few clicks is revolutionary. But the current technology is just touching the surface, there are a host of things that need innovation.

From consumer facing problems like, how to identify the right product, discover the right price, make the correct buying decision to the enabling infrastructure for e-commerce platforms like improved delivery experience, inventory management, automated warehouse management, reverse logistics etc. There are tons of problems that can be addressed.

This is a 7 days hackathon that aims at fostering innovation in the space of online commerce and build innovative solutions that make online commerce simpler and smoother. You have to build a fully functional application for web or mobile. This application will be evaluated on the functionality, usefulness, design and efficiency of code.

There are great prizes to be won -

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Build applications that help users to make better buying decisions. The applications can be around how to make the buying experience better around existing e-commerce platforms or could be new e-commerce solutions.

Business Logistics

Success of Online commerce depends heavily on the automation of various aspects of the business process. Starting right from procurement, inventory management, warehousing, packaging, delivery and returns. Build applications that help business better manage their processes.

Open Theme

Build any application that falls under the theme of online commerce.


Each team member of the winning team will receive the prizes.

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Trip to San Fransisco

2nd Prize

Xbox one with Kinect and Audio Technica Headphones

3rd Prize

GoPro Hero 4


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