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15 Dec 2018, 08:00 PM IST
ends on:
28 Jan 2019, 12:45 AM IST
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Feb 16, 2019 09:00 AM IST
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Feb 17, 2019 10:20 AM IST



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We at NEC bring together and integrate technology as well as the expertise to create the ICT-enabled society of tomorrow. As a global IT solution & product provider, we have been creating solutions & products in many industries such as Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail, Agriculture, Logistics and Transportation.

In India, we have been thinking that "How we can improve current situation of logistics & transportation", and there are many challenges which we want to solve.

At this hackathon, we want to find innovative way to solve logistics & transportation problems in India. India has many of issues such as road congestion, lack of last mile delivery, Inefficient and fragmented logistics operation etc.

In order to solve these problems, we could think that "If we can use exist thing as innovative solution, what kind of solution can we create and solve that problems?".

With this point of view, we would like you to think and create new innovative idea and solution with Auto-Rickshaw at this hackathon.

For example, using auto rickshaw as connectivity between public transportation and commuters (such as Gurgaon's example) is one way; but not only this way, there are so many way to use auto rickshaw as innovative solution to improve current logistics & transportation situation.

Please select one industry (Logistics or Transportation) and problem to solve, then create something new innovative way to use auto rickshaw.

We are looking forward to creating new innovation with you. Let us create social value with us for tomorrow!


Lack of connectivity of last mile delivery
Inefficient and fragmented logistics operation


Lack of connectivity of last mile delivery

Main Problem: With the boom of online shopping, last mile delivery's demand is getting high. However, the lack of connectivity for last mile delivery (lack of connectivity and operation between the dispatch center to home) exists.

Come up with a creative solution to solve this issue by integrating an auto-rickshaw to your solution.

Inefficient ...

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Traffic Congestion
Lack of Traffic Safety
Utilization and connectivity of public transportation

Traffic Congestion

Main Problem: India has a big traffic congestion problem which is mainly due to poor infrastructure, a high number of vehicles, lack of public transportation, and inadequately implemented IT solutions. This congestion causes pollution and makes the roads one of the most dangerous in the world.

Come up with a creative solution to solve this issue by integrating an auto-rickshaw t...

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Prizes INR 5,00,000 in prizes

Main Prizes
First Prize
INR 2,50,000
Second Prize
INR 1,50,000
Third Prize
INR 1,00,000

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