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In order to bridge the gap between problems and problem-solvers, N/Core and Omidyar Network have launched the Ideathon. The objective is to bring to the fore, use cases and problem statements faced by marginalized or economically backward communities, and invite the most promising ideas and discover disruptive solutions for the following problems:

  • Land and property records
  • Shelter and affordable housing in urban areas
  • Women & Inclusivity


Phase 1, Online Round: You need to submit your ideas under any one of the given themes. You are allowed to make multiple idea submissions as well.

Phase 2, Offline Round: Shortlisted teams from Round 1 will need to pitch their ideas to the jury.

About N/Core

N/Core is an incubator for nonprofits, working in the area of poverty alleviation. We focus on exceptional founders of early-stage nonprofits who have the potential to deliver meaningful impact at large scale, and support them with a seed-grant, one-of-a-kind mentoring and a vast network of potential collaborators and sponsors.


For the poorest in India, a secure right to land or housing has the potential to unlock massive economic and societal value. It can protect them from losing their house or their land, give them security, a better quality of life and economic leverage and it can be the means to escape poverty. Do you have an innovative idea to make this happen?

You can refer to this document for the Idea submission template - hck.re/ncore

We're inviting abstracts with innovative, scalable ideas in the following themes (indicative and not limiting):

Land and property records

Millions of poor rural and urban households are long-time occupants and/or users of land, but don’t have formal records to establish their rights to the land or the house. They may have inherited the property from their parents, but haven’t managed to update the paperwork; or they may have bought it in good faith but not registered the sale deed; or they are tenant farmers who can’t access any gov...

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Shelter and affordable housing in urban areas

40% people in urban areas/slums are living informally. The housing shortage in urban areas is estimated to be 1 crore units by 2022. Many urban residents are also insecure and lack legal documentation for their residences (PRIndex report). Formalizing and strengthening the rights of urban informal settlers and providing them with affordable housing options are critical steps.

A - Affordable housi...

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Women & Inclusivity

Women from the poorest backgrounds are denied equal rights to access, use, inherit, control, and own land or property. Only 31% of rural women own land and 39% own a house- and the proportion is even lower for urban women. Often women’s only claim to the land they rely on for food, income, or the house which is their shelter, is through their relationship to a male relative. They are susceptible t...

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In addition to the prizes, there are incubation opportunities for the top (non-profit) ideas.

Main Prizes
First Prize
INR 1,00,000
Second Prize
INR 30,000
Third Prize
INR 20,000

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