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Clean Air Asia (CAA), is an international non-governmental organization leading a regional mission for better air quality, and healthier, more livable cities throughout Asia. Established by the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, and USAID, and with over two decades of experience in the air quality management space, Clean Air Asia aims to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in 1000+ cities in Asia through a range of innovative policies and programs covering air quality, transport & industrial emissions, and energy use.

In India Clean Air Asia focuses on research for policy, capacity building, and education/communication for better air quality, supporting almost 30 cities in India in air action planning and implementation through a solutions-based approach. Clean Air Asia's Youth Clean Air Network (YCAN) works towards encouraging youth to participate in policy support as well as supporting solutions for clean air by actively engaging with them for seeking solutions and innovative ideas to improve air quality. CAA’s Youth Clean Air Network is passionately working for better air quality through campaigns, surveys, and solutions in multiple cities in India.

Clean Air Asia's work is aligned with the Government of India’s National Clean Air Program launched by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change to work with city governments, central and state pollution control boards and national ministries to support informing policy.

Through this hackathon, Clean Air Asia is looking for innovative solutions to improve air quality in India


Nature based solution
Research solution
Technical solution

Research solution

World Environment Day is here and we would love to take the privilege of embracing the relationship humans have with nature. This hack combines social good and tech minds with the power to change the world, a global initiative to get together and show our love to mother earth in a way that can nurture every aspect of nature and help to create, build and implement innovative solutions for a more sustainable future. 

Look deeper into the biggest environmental problem all around the world and dig out the most unique ways in which you can imagine, deploy ideas or propose strategic approaches that are feasible yet impactful. 

Think smarter when it comes to the environment- Conserving Resources, Eliminating Waste, Making Us Smarter and Making Us Healthier.

We welcome all 

  • Creative Solution
  • Business Models
  • Case Studies
  • Diverse Ideation

to sustainability that you can think of.

Do you think your ideas will bring change for good? We believe in them too!

Technical solution

Technology is changing almost faster and with new smart technologies changing the way we live and work, we call out all tech enthusiasts and innovators to pitch and build solutions  that are smarter than ever and can contribute effectively in various environmental noble causes, like Sustainable Transport, Clean Fuels and Vehicles, Green Freight and Logistics, Low Emissions Urban Development, Air Quality and Climate Change.

  • Can you build an endless stream of helpful new apps to add to our phones that adds value to nature ? 
  • An IoT enabled system backed by data and analytics that can leverage intelligence over various devices ? 
  • The growth of computer vision and AI has improved how we use information, build things, use and produce open data and code, being creative, use computer technology and ideas to change the world for the better and build a healthier living environment.
  • Accentuate your imagination with least restrictions on any domains of technology! Build your ideas and use tools that excites you the most ! We invite all ideas across any domain relevant to the environmental issues.

We believe in ‘technological nature’ and welcome informative digital representation of the wild, nature-focused documentaries, video games VR simulations! So put on your thinking caps and start submitting creative and innovative ideas with your favourite tech stacks.

What is your smart tech driven solution for this noble cause and how it can lead to a better place to breathe in ?

Hotspot Case Study
Hotspot Case Study

Air pollution in India is caused by fuelwood and biomass burning, burning of crop residue in agriculture fields on a large scale, emission from vehicles and traffic congestion, etc which makes it the third-largest in the emission of greenhouse gases. Air pollution is responsible for many health problems in the urban areas and has undergone many changes in terms of the levels of pollutants and the control measures taken to reduce them, the majority in Delhi.

Here is a study by Clean Air Asia on Delhi hotspots for air pollution. 

  • Propose moonshot ideas that can reduce pollution and make our life better by using technology. Can identify the challenges, a factor of problems, analyze them, and develop a solution using technologies such as open-source platforms and relevant datasets? 
  • Calling out all the AL/ML enthusiasts, data scientists, and analysts to identify the pain points, analyze the trend, and derive references that can create meaningful impact? How about building intelligent recommender and suggestion systems for smarter to build a healthier living environment in India
  • If IoT integration excites you, we urge you to showcase your analytic skill over connecting devices and innovation by integrating technology and expertise to create a healthier society for tomorrow.  
  • Using data analytics and prediction algorithms to develop solutions for the cause.

Propose case study, analysis, and ideas that you believe in!


Main Prizes
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  • Feature On Clean Air Asia's Website and Social Media
  • Mentorship By Indian and international Clean Air Experts
Second Prize
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  • Certificates
  • Feature On Clean Air Asia's Website and Social Media
  • Mentorship By Indian and international Clean Air Experts
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