Microsoft Azure Champions League-Hack 2

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starts on:
Sep 16, 2020, 10:30 PM
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Oct 25, 2020, 01:25 PM



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Introducing Hack 2 of Microsoft Azure Champions League, a series of three hackathons aimed at empowering developers on Azure and its numerous services.
Each hackathon of the series will have its unique problem statements and would require developers to build their hacks with mandatory use of Microsoft Azure.

This hackathon is only for working professionals.

Each hackathon will have only Prototype Phase (Online)
Participants can register on the hackathon page and submit their hack to the problem statements mentioned in the themes section. This is an online phase.


Champions League Rules

  1. The league consists of three hackathons. All hackathons will have respective problem statements and prizes.
  2. Post the submissions, HackerEarth will create a leaderboard of top 10 solutions received.
  3. The top three positions of the leaderboard win the prizes reserved for each hackathon.
  4. We also have a grand prize of INR 75,000 at the end of the hackathon series.
    One team will be eligible for this grand prize if they comply with these rules:
    1. Stick together as a team and participate in all three hackathons
    2. Try to build amazing hacks and rank higher in the leaderboards
    3. Team with a higher over-all rank across the series will win the grand prize. Winners of each hackathon are eligible for the grand prize as well.

With that spirit, Microsoft Hackathon is conducting a hackathon - Microsoft Azure Champions League - Hack 1 and invites all developers and hackathon enthusiasts to participate in an interesting and engaging hackathon.


Smart Transportation

Calling out all the tech enthusiasts and cloud analysts to create solutions that are smarter than ever and can leverage intelligence using Azure services. We are looking for the most unique ways in which you can imagine and deploy ideas to facilitate smarter and safer ways of transportation. 

  • Propose solutions that can help in different ways to cope with the new norms that would help the transportation process even better and can lead to greater predictive maintenance and enhance the transformative transportation technologies. 
  • Build smart applications that can tamper-proof to enable seamless transit while travelling, eliminating the need of any physical contact and assist passengers with different dialects and recommend useful quick tips and numerous other useful, interactive and user-friendly features.
  • Creating intelligent solutions to improve communication facilities, qualities of travel experience and overall travel safety features.
  • How can you leverage Azure services to improve transportation services and make operational processes much simpler and consumer-friendly? 
  • The commute in modern Era - smart cars or public transport which gives you feedback/updates about your travel, onboard entertainment and or other infographics


IoT for Innovation

Azure has a specialized set of IoT services bundles together to provide everything needed to power an IoT network.  This includes DocumentDB, Stream Analytics, HDInsight, and Event Hubs. These services provide data collection, ad-hoc networking and queering, data analysis, and much more. Any company looking to get serious about the Internet of Things will be well served by these services.

This hackathon is aimed at developing solutions leveraging the power of IoT services by Microsoft Azure in the some highly useful use cases such as :

  • Agriculture and rural development
  • Smart Cities - for the betterment of the tribal population
  • Smart Communication - to improve  quality and help easing communication channels between various communication devices and point
  • Sustainable environment - help manage environment and source more efficiently
  • Sport and fitness - Create intelligent devices to improve the health and sport sector
  • Leveraging Intelligence over Connected Devices

Your hacks can range from Autonomous and Connected Vehicles, AR/VR , Smart Watches, Fitness Trackers, Wearables and “Hearables”, M2M Connected Devices, to Supply Chains, Drones, Smart Cities: Energy, Transportation, Parking, Healthcare, Smart Agriculture, Companion Robots, Data analytics. All and Any.

Resources: Azure IoT services -

Open Innovation with Azure Featured products

Go serverless with Microsoft azure! And build applications faster by eliminating the need for them to manage infrastructure.

We are interested in hearing about your next disruptive idea that not only focuses on next-gen experiences but also brings together an ecosystem of enablers to make it a reality. You are given the opportunity to create solutions using a wide array of Microsoft Azure services.


Using the he services listed below can give you extra bonus points

Your go-to Azure services:


Main Prizes
First Prize
INR 75000
Second Prize
INR 50000
Third Prize
INR 25000

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