Hacking is to come up with innovative ideas and build something that no one has built it yet. It is to work in a team and turn your craziest idea into a real product. Try out new things and learn something new each second. It is to fail again and again but work tirelessly until you reach your goal. It is to create, design, develop, code and collaborate. Also, gain an amazing experience as a programmer.

With that spirit, IEEE Student Branch DA-IICT is conducting an Online hackathon- i.Web as a part of its Annual Technical Festival i.Fest '18 and invites all developers, innovators, creators and hackathon enthusiasts to participate in an interesting and engaging hackathon.


  • ML hack: Use machine learning and data science to create a hack to solve real-life problems.

  • Educational hack: Develop a website to improve learning and solve current problems faced by the student community, teachers or educationists by making a hack.

  • Cyber hack: Use your creativity to develop something that keeps the user away from viral websites.

  • Disaster relief hack: Build a website to reduce the aftermath of natural disasters. You can also create something related to the detection of natural calamity. Push your boundaries and think of web solutions for victims of natural calamities.

  • Medical hack: Technology has no limits. It can be used to solve numerous healthcare problems, hospital scandals, quacks performing surgeries, increasing the death rate, healthy lifestyle issues, hypertension and obesity issues etc. Think beyond and make a hack or website to tackle some real-life issues related to medicine.


Start of Hackathon: Sept 29, 11:55 AM

End of Hackathon: Oct 5, 11:55 pm

Presentation: Oct 6, 1 PM

Presentation Venue: CEP Conference Room

Submission format:

-Project Title

-Project Theme

-Project Description

-Technologies Used

-Source Code Files (.zip format)

-Screenshots of Working Model (optional)

-Github Repository Link (optional)

-Website Link (optional)

Prizes INR To be updated in prizes

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