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Jun 10, 2022, 12:30 PM
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Unrealistic overhauls and off-the-shelf products ignore what matters most — your unique needs, culture, goals, and your legacy data and technology environments.

At EXL, our collaboration is built on ongoing listening and learning to adapt our methodologies. We’re your business evolution partner—tailoring solutions that make the most of data to make better business decisions and drive more intelligence into your increasingly digital operations.

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Our expertise in transformation, data science, and change management helps make your business more efficient and effective, improve customer relationships and enhance revenue growth. Instead of focusing on multi-year, resource- and time-intensive platform designs or migrations, we look deeper at your entire value chain to integrate strategies with impact.

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At EXL, it’s all about outcomes—your outcomes—and delivering success on your terms. Share your goals with us and together, we’ll optimize how you leverage data to drive your business forward.

Hacking is building things that you always wanted to have but no one has built it yet. It's to come up with an amazing idea and work tirelessly on it. It is to fail, fail again and fail better. Try out new things and learn while doing that. It's to work together, collaborate and build things that are innovative. It is to be a better programmer.

With that spirit, EXL is conducting a hackathon - Hack and invites all developers and hackathon enthusiasts to participate in an interesting and engaging hackathon.



The challenge has three problem statements. You may choose to go ahead with whichever you find suitable.

Build an idea for a Cloud-agnostic solution to store and retrieve files


We have an application that processes backend requests and generates reports in .pdf, .csv, or .pdm format. With on-premise hosting, these reports are uploaded in a shared file server. But with cloud-based deployment, this file-server-based model is less recommended.

Although cloud storage is possible, every client wants to use their choice of cloud provider. 

As we want to add this capability as part of the product itself, we are looking for a cloud-agnostic way to achieve this. We are looking for a solution that can be part of the product and offers a cloud-agnostic way to store and retrieve these files. 

It means, one single solution can support the storage and retrieval of files from AWS S3 bucket, Azure Blob storage, or Google Cloud storage.

Tech stack

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Cloud Storage


  • Minimum
    • Working API-based implementation
      • It should be capable of storing and retrieving files in any cloud provider.
      • It should adhere to the best standard security guidelines.
      • It should support AWS and Azure at least.
  • Intermediate
    • AWS instance
  • Advanced
    • Cloud-provider support can be enhanced to GCP and other cloud providers as well

Submission format 

  • Source code in zip file
  • Details about the cloud storage and service provider
  • Documents used for security guidelines
  • Important files, pdf, resources used and ppt


Create a Intelligent Smart BOT


Currently there is a need to have interactive solutions with web-based applications that are integrated with an Intelligent Smart BOT.

Work on creating a BOT that is configurable and the team will be able to configure it by completing tasks as simple as uploading questions and answers at a specific URL (could be API coming from BOT admin). The BOT should be able to make 3rd-party API calls and suggest options to the user-based on the data. Create a BOTthat is able to suggest some other products as well based on the chosen answer (sort of like upselling or cross-selling items).

The BOT should become the foundation and user interface for Machine Learning and AI-driven services for good quality user interface.

It should provide valuable information to a user through Q&A supported by Natural Language Processing (NLP). This feature can become a great training tool to onboard new users or new agents. Built with a two-way integration with the application, the BOT needs to be custom-trained to be customer-specific and their policy products

Tech stack

  • Web Application
  • IOT
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • AI


  • Minimum
    • Working BOT that is configurable and has a flexible API layer
  • Intermediate
    • Intuitive UI/UX  along with BOT
    • Performant and fault tolerant
    • Scalable design to handle future volumes
  • Advanced 
    • Features of NLP to make the experience more interactive
    • Accepting structured as well as unstructured data as inputs during the conversation with the BOT

Submission format 

  • Source code in zip file
  • Design used for BOT
  • Dataset Used
  • Details about the cloud storage and service provider
  • Documents used for  security guidelines
  • Important files, pdf, resources used and ppt


Create a solution for Appointment Scheduling and Routing


Appointment scheduling and routing can help in reducing manual, time-taking processes such as maintaining data digitally, maintaining security, etc. Retrieving past data and upcoming future details can also be maintained easily. 

This also helps in tracking locations and addresses. It can be integrated with online maps to improve efficiency, which is not possible in a manual offline process.

Tech stack

  • Angular
  • Scheduling and routing techniques 


While building this solution, you need to keep the following points in mind while working on your idea. These points must be integrated with your solution to make the process of appointment scheduling and routing easy and effective for the user.

    • Provide a list of addresses to visit and one home address as input
    • Visualize these addresses into a Google map
    • Define the number of days (Y) across which these addresses need to be distributed (for example, 3 days, 4 days, etc.)
    • Define the number of addresses to visit on Day 1, Day 2, up to Day Y 
    • The system should suggest locations to visit on each day such that the drive/travel time for the day is optimized to keep the amount of travel time to as minimum as possible.
      • Users can drive between locations selected for the day as well as spends an average of Z hours at each location within the time slot of M to N. 
      • Users should be able to drive back home from the last location in the least possible duration
    • The output must have the following details:
      • Day-wise list of locations in sequence
      • Daily route including the drive time from the home address to different locations (in the order as suggested by the system) and back to the home address
        • Configurable input parameters
          • X = Number of addresses (excluding the home address)
          • Y = Number of days
          • Z = Average appointment time (in hours)
          • M = Start time
          • N = End time
          • I = Number of addresses to visit for a particular day
  • Minimum task
    • Build a restful API to schedule and confirm appointments based on the description mentioned.
    • An interface to clearly see the agenda/calendar for the day with the drive time between appointments within an angular application
    • Integration with Outlook/Teams calendar
  • Intermediate task
    • Create a smart solution to rearrange the appointments to reduce drive time
  • Advanced task
    • Integration with Teams or Outlook to reflect the agenda.

Submission format 

  • Source code in the zip file
  • Details about GitHub file and REST API
  • Details about the outlook and teams integration.
  • Important files, PDF, resources used, and PPT


Prizes USD 4,500 in prizes

Main Prizes
1st Prize
USD 2,000
2nd Prize
USD 1,500
3rd Prize
USD 1,000
starts on:
Jun 10, 2022, 12:30 PM
closes on:
Jul 10, 2022, 06:29 PM

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