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Jan 11, 2019, 12:30 PM
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Feb 03, 2019, 12:25 PM
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Feb 15, 2019, 11:00 AM
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Feb 16, 2019, 11:00 PM


With the advent of the New Year, InnoBuzz, under the theme Ideate, Iterate, Culminate - The very first version of it is on its formation, Ready to signal a technical shift in the Institution. This hackathon, a flagship event of E-Summit 2019 is on its way to be India's biggest in-house hackathon. The purpose of this event lies in its cause of identifying sensitive social issues and problems in entrepreneurship and business domain. This event shall serve as a platform for developers, designers and disruptors across the country come together and harness their expertise to build products in real time and provide effective solution. We aim to take forward the culture of the Smart India Hackathon set by our Honorable Prime minister to promote technologies, student innovations, startups, business incubation and above all crowdsource solutions of problems in public domain across multiple sectors for betterment of nation and set a milestone in the road towards making India a technical superpower.


  • Diminish the increasing number of post harvest losses in India by dint of various technologies that enhances the service life of produce at various farm gates.

    Background: India’s agricultural losses in harvest and post-harvest are almost around INR 92,000 crores (~ USD 13 billion). In case of durables, semi-perishables and perishables the post harvest losses are estimated to be 10-25%. In addit...

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  • Increasing amount of death rate of infant baby and several problems which leads to miscarriage of babies.

  • Background: As stated in a UNICEF report of 2014 death rate of child below the age of 5 years in Bangladesh is 46 per 1000, in 1993 this number was around 133. This was not at all gratifying and new targets have already been set in order to minimise the death rate. This time the target h...

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  • To develop a cost effective system and efficient systems that recovers the energy lost in braking

    Background: Generally when we apply brakes a huge amount of energy is lost due to frictional resistance between ground and the tyres. Challenge is to develop a system that can utilize this lost energy in order to charge a cell. It should be easily fitted to the vehicle so as to charge the cell. This...

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  • Marketing Of Agri-Commodities: Implementing seamless marketing of agri commodities beyond the current geographic array.

    Background:Government Of India aimed to accomplish this through the eNAM but most trades on eNAM are only intra mandi trades.. eNAM, which was envisioned as a unified national electronics agriculture market, faces multiple hurdles. Grading and contentment are demanding if marke...

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Prizes INR 2,00,000 in prizes

Furthermore, top 10 ideas will be incubated by the associated organisations and goodies will be provided to every participants with a certificate of participation.

Main Prizes
INR 60,000

The best idea will get a whopping 60K and goodies for their team.

Runners Up
INR 40,000

The runners up of the vent will get a prize money of 40K with goodies.

Special Prizes
Best Idea (4)
INR 10,000

The best idea under each category will take away a prize of 10K each along with goodies.

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