Health Hackathon 2

25 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5

This campaign is over.

starts on:
Dec 15, 2018 08:00 AM SGT
ends on:
Jan 19, 2019 01:00 PM SGT


The Health Hackathon has returned. This time we will be focusing on a pertinent aspect of healthcare in many populations, Ageing. As the aged population increases, it has become increasingly apparent that more solutions are needed to tackle common issues associated with the elderly. We will soon be identifying some core challenges in the local scenario regarding the care of the elderly, where technology and innovative solutions can improve and revolutionise the world for our aged population.

With that spirit, Hacking Health Kuala Lumpur is conducting a hackathon - Health Hackathon 2 : Re Imagining Ageing and invites all developers and hackathon enthusiasts to participate in an interesting and engaging hackathon.

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Main Prizes
1st Prize
MYR 5000

This is the team that scores the highest overall marks from the panel of judges

2nd Place
MYR 3000

The team that scores the 2nd highest score from the panel of judges.

3rd Prize
MYR 1000

The team that scores the 3rd highest marks from the panel of judges.

Special Prizes
Sponsor's Prize - Sunway iLabs

There will be a special category.

The benefits include :-
1. Mentorship to the selected start-up
2. Venture building
3. Access to the business units of Sunway Group for innovation and market validation
4. Access to Sunway Venture and SunSEA Capital, the venture capital arm of Sunway group for funding opportunities

Sponsor's Prize - Digital a Plus (2)

This will be a special category

We will be selecting 1 – 2 projects that were presented by the participants and adopt it in-house to help to further develop it into a product or services that can be monetized. We can come up with a profit sharing agreement with the product owner.

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