Do you have coding experience of any kind? Want to build your portfolio and show future employers your code live and in action? Want to help put your skills to good use fighting hunger?

Then join HackerEarth and MEANS for our #HackHunger event! MEANS has recovered over 1.65 million pounds of food in the last three years, and we need your help to get us to our next million.

Our key goals for the hackathon are to transform the signup process, improve our mobile experience, and implement a CMS for static pages. Food, power strips, and friends will be provided. Just bring your laptop and your coding knowledge and get ready to hack for a cause!

On-site childcare is available! Please let us know the ages and names of kiddos we should expect here: m-db.co/hackathon-childcare-request

Disability accommodations are available! Please let us know how we can help here: m-db.co/hackathon-accommodations-request


Transforming signup process

The signup process is a common UX challenge, and our site is no exception. Find ways to reduce friction in the sign-up flow for both food donors and nonprofit recipients. This includes reducing the number of fields necessary in the initial signup and encouraging users to add to their account later.

Moving Public Facing Pages to CMS

For hackers working with other languages (especially PHP or Python), this is the theme for you. Non-technical staff at MEANS should not have to ask a developer to change basic content and styles, especially on our public-facing sites. Use a CMS like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal to make our site easier for non-developers to update.

Improving mobile experience

Many food donations happen away from a desk, but our app does not yet meet this need. Our partnership with Philly Food Connect has created an opportunity to combine the best of our apps, with ours being mostly on the desktop with a more robust backend and theirs being a mobile app with a better user experience, particularly for donors.

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