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Sep 08, 2018, 02:00 PM
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Sep 09, 2018, 02:30 PM



HackTheU is what’s called an “invention marathon,” a place where you can learn, build, and share your creations with others. Get together your friends or meet new people at the hackathon and create a team of up to 4 members. Then get working on an awesome project for the next 24 hours.

At the end, we’d love for you to share and present your creation to all of us. We’ll have judges look over the project and give out awards and prizes for various categories. You don’t need to be super comfortable with programming, all you need is a drive for technology. You’ll have plenty of support from our sponsors and fellow attendees to help get your creation off the ground.

Join the discussion for carpooling and project ideas: https://www.facebook.com/groups/177827182656161/


Financial Technology (FinTech)

Create new innovations in the field of Financial Technology.

Some examples may include:

  1. Utilize blockchain technology

  2. New tools and apps to promote financial security for consumers

  3. Innovative ways to send money, such as a system like Venmo

  4. Easier to use budgeting software for the modern age

  5. Integrate existing APIs - such as Galileo Processing's, Facebook Payments, or Venmo - into your project


Contribute to your community.

Some examples may include:

  1. Apps for your local animal shelter, school, or neighborhood

  2. Apps to help individuals with disabilities - such as dietary restrictions, hard of hearing, or mental disabilities - in your local community

  3. Contribute to an open source project

  4. New systems to help run organizations around your university

  5. An app for an existing social media site


At the heart of Silicon Slopes with best-in-nation resources like the Lassonde Institute, get your start-up off the ground.

Some examples include:

  1. Revolutionize an existing payment model, such as a subscription based movie pass

  2. A non profit to fill a need in your local community

  3. An organization that seeks to address some of the world's problems stemming from the proliferation of the Internet

Prizes USD 4500 in prizes

Prizes are handed out to individuals on the team, not the team itself. Therefore, if a team of three members wins the first place prize in any of this year's themes, that team will not receive 4 prizes, only three. The additional prize will be raffled out.

Main Prizes
USD 319

A new 9.7-inch iPad for each member of the team that wins first place in Financial Technology.

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II)
USD 349

A new Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) for each member of the team that wins first place in Entrepreneurship.

PlayStation 4
USD 300

A new PlayStation 4 for each member of the team that wins first place in Community.

Special Prizes
Casio Calculator Watch

Winner of the "Best Use of Algolia" from Major League Hacking.

LS20 Gaming Headsets

Winner of the "Best Use of Authorize.Net" from Major League Hacking.

Raspberry Pi

Winner of the "Best Domain Registered with Domain.com" from Major League Hacking.

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