HackBenchers #2

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Winners are announced.

starts on:
Nov 15, 2018, 06:30 AM
ends on:
Dec 15, 2018, 12:25 PM



Winner's project -

Project submitted by Pro Explorer, Vishal
Project submitted by Beginner Explorer, Mrigank

The results are announced. You can find your Scores and Remarks in this sheet. See you all at HackBenchers #3 in March. Stay tuned until!

Winners can expect their prizes by second week of January.

Results - The results will be announced latest by Thursday (27-12-2018)

A webinar is hosted for HackerEarth, on 14th December (friday) 6 PM. Zeeshan, our problem setter and Jaianil our evaluator will be hosting the webinar.

Agenda of the webinar -

  • Brief about what is expected and how can you go about it.
  • Ask me anything - You can ask all the doubts you have. They will be assisting and helping you with answers.
  • Scopes of Improvement

This is the Webinar link. Limited slots available, Register NOW!

Calling out everyone who has a never-ending hunger to learn!

Willingness to learn is a choice and you are making the right choice. On this note, let us kickstart with the next edition of HackBenchers #2, an exclusive learning hackathon for the beginners with an interesting problem statement.

All you need to do is explore, get rich with facts, and use a bit of technology to showcase your project.

Once upon a time . . .

Remember in childhood, we had that dream to travel to the moon and the galaxy, and wanting to explore life beyond Earth? The buzz about SpaceX wants us to explore the existence beyond Earth. I'm sure you want to be that Cooper in Interstellar, that Star-lord in Guardians of Galaxy.

enter image description here

Earth is and has been our home since our existence. But not too far in the future! Don't you think we might migrate to a new home that is probably a new star system? Yes, You got that right, In HackBencher #2, we are going to hunt our new home in the cosmos. Sounds big and hard? Not at all, we're here to help you throughout.

The resource center has all the relevant materials to learn and implement this project.

Here's a trivia about exoplanets - enter image description here

Eligibility criteria for prizes:

  • Age: 19 and below (high-school, freshman and sophomore).
  • Avid learner

NOTE - We are inviting school students to nominate for school ambassadors. Show your interest to become the ambassador for your school by filling this form.


Let us find our new home !

Hey all, I am Sid, ‘The kid’. I'm here to learn with you. I recently got to know that stars aren't fireflies which we'd like to grab and adore, but are galaxies and sun with planets revolving around them. I dream; dream invariably. I dream to travel beyond Earth to see the world outside. What if I go to some other planet? and what if I see someone living up there? Oh wait, is that even possible? C...

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Prizes INR 20,000 in prizes

Main Prizes
Beginner Explorer
INR 10000

This category awards the best data explorer from school.

Pro Explorer
INR 10000

This category awards the data explorer from colleges (first and second year).

Special Prizes
HackerEarth goodies

Top 5 on the scoreboard gets HackerEarth T-Shirts

Certificate of Participation

A digital certificate will be given to the participants from schools.

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