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GO-JEK merupakan perusahaan startup terbesar dan berkembang paling cepat di Indonesia saat ini dengan laju perkembangan 900x dalam 18 bulan terakhir sejak peluncuran. Kini GO-JEK merupakan perusahaan terdepan di Indonesia untuk layanan transportasi, pengiriman makanan, pengiriman barang C2C, dan pembayaran.

Sebagai salah satu perusahaan unicorn di Indonesia, hanya dalam jangka waktu dua tahun sejak peluncuran aplikasi, GO-JEK juga merupakan perusahaan pertama di dunia yang menggabungkan berbagai layanan on-demand di dalam satu platform. GO-FOOD sendiri adalah layanan pengiriman makanan yang terbesar di Asia di luar Cina. Armada GO-JEK menempuh lebih dari 4 juta kilometer per hari, sama dengan tujuh kali jarak pulang-pergi ke bulan.

Pondasi utama kami adalah teknologi, dan kami ingin terus menembus batas Kecepatan, Inovasi, dan Dampak Sosial! Kami percaya teknologi memiliki potensi yang sangat tinggi untuk membuat perubahan di Indonesia, dan kami memiliki mimpi untuk membawa industri teknologi Indonesia ke tingkat global.

GO-HACKATHON, dipersembahkan oleh GO-JEK, adalah sebuah platform untuk menemukan dan menyatukan insan-insan cerdas di Indonesia agar kita dapat bersama-sama membentuk dan menambahkan nilai di dalam industri teknologi Indonesia. Kami percaya bahwa, bersama kita dapat memaksimalkan potensi Indonesia. Kami percaya pada #karyatanpabatas.

Anda akan dapat bertemu dengan orang-orang cerdas dan teman-teman baru, serta menunjukkan bakat dan membanggakan pencapaian Anda ketika Anda berada di tahap final, karena itu berarti ANDA merupakan juara dari negeri kita!

Seberapa besar rasa penasaran Anda untuk bertemu dengan orang-orang cerdas lainnya di Indonesia? Apakah Anda adalah salah satunya?

GO-JEK is Indonesia's largest startup, and is currently the fastest growing startup in South East Asia growing 900x in the 18 months since launch and has become the market leader in Indonesia for Transport, Food Delivery, C2C logistics and Payment.

As one of the unicorn companies in Indonesia, after only two years since app release, GO-JEK is also the first company in the world to combine all on demand verticals into a single platform. GO-FOOD alone is the largest food delivery company in Asia outside of China. GO-JEK fleet covers over 4 million kilometers per day, the equivalent of seven round trips to the moon.

At the core, we are a TECH company, and we'd like to continuously push the Speed, Innovation and Social Impact! We believe Technology has the highest potential for impact in Indonesia today. It's the most scalable way of changing a country. And we dream to bring Indonesia Tech Industry into the World Map :)

GO-HACKATHON by GO-JEK is a platform to connect and engage with THE BEST MINDS in INDONESIA so that together we can continue to shape and add value to the Technology Industry in Indonesia. We believe in creating solutions that will push the boundaries of innovations. We believe that together we can unleash a lot of Indonesia's potentials. We believe in #karyatanpabatas.

You'll get to meet amazing minds, new friends, learn from one another, showcase your talent and get bragging rights for the final, because that means YOU are our country's champions! While at the same time winning some awesome prizes!

How curious are you to really meet the best minds in Indonesia? Do you know anyone? Are you one of them?

Are you ready to be a part of #karyatanpabatas?

Step 1: Register.

Step 2: Take Online Coding Test.
before 12 March 2017 (will be sent to you by 10 March 2017 midnight)

Step 3: Submit your Idea.
before 10 March 2017.

Step 4: Shortlist Announcement.
on 17th March 2017.

Step 5: Shortlisted Teams.
will attend offline hackathon on 25th March 2017!

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For more info, please contact to go-hackathon2017@go-jek.com.


Data Engineering

All about data! Every hack should have processing and/or analysis of some interesting data at its core. It could be to generate digital menu cards for restaurants from images of handheld menu cards or a pipeline to get reviews from play store/app store and perform a sentiment analysis.

Infrastructure Engineering

Hack something that will totally advance the inevitable robot apocalypse. It could be a bot to deploy your services or a bot that automatically performs certain operations based on live incoming traffic analysis or even a bot to analyse pager duty alerts and respond to them!


The myriad of technologies that allow us to remain in constant contact with each other regardless of where we are! The cutting edge of mobility is “location awareness”: smartphone content that automatically responds and reacts to your physical location. For instance chatty protocol, mobile analytics, facial recognition, optimizing data transfer, live heat maps for any demand-supply etc.


Main Prizes
IDR 120.000.000

Team that wins first place will get IDR 120.000.000!


Team that wins second place will receive a MacBook Pro for each team member! Alternatively, one can choose to opt for an equivalent cash prize instead of the MacBook Pro.

Google Pixel

Team that wins third place will receive a Google Pixel for each team member! Alternatively, one can choose to opt for an equivalent cash prize instead of the Google Pixel.

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