Gridlock Hackathon

2943 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4

Winners are announced.

starts on:
Jun 07, 2017, 02:30 AM
ends on:
Jul 02, 2017, 01:25 PM



Where will the hackathon be conducted? Is it going to be an online or offline hackathon??
The Gridlock Hackathon will be an online + offline event. The participating teams have 2 weeks from the start of the hackathon, i.e from 7th June to 2nd July, 2017 to come up with a hack. The finalists will be announced on 3rd July, 2017, with the finale on 8th July, 2017.The finale will be an offline event, and the finalists must attend the event in person.

Can I participate alone or do I need a team?
You can participate in the Gridlock Hackathon either individually or as a team (max 4 participants per team). However, the prize value for the winning hacks will remain the same, regardless of team size.

Is there a registration fee required to confirm my team’s participation?
Participation in the Gridlock Hackathon is absolutely free.

Are participants required to have any particular skills/qualifications to participate?
The Gridlock Hackathon is an open hackathon, and no particular skills or qualifications are necessary to participate.

Does our idea need to be fully functional?
The entry submitted must be a working prototype/a proof of concept that can be demoed in front of the judges.

A fully developed application needs to have a backend for data storage like SQL, SharePoint etc. since the event is online, is it accepted to submit only the prototype of the app?
Yes you may submit a prototype of your application. If you use any database like MySQL, you can also submit a database dump along with your submission.

Does my solution have to be purely code-based?
No, the solution doesn’t have to 100% code-based. Solutions can be entirely technology centric or may partially leverage technology in relevant and smart ways, to address problems related to Bengaluru Traffic.

How can a team submit their entry? In what format?
Entries should be in the following format:

PPT of max 8 slides

  • 1 slide - context/scope
  • 1 slide - problem description
  • 2-3 slides - analysis/research on why problem exists
  • 2-3 slides - proposed solution
  • 1 slide - Links to all supporting documents including code repositeries (github link preferred) and instructions on how to execute the code
  • demo video (optional)

You can develop the application on your local system and submit it on HackerEarth in tar/zip file format along with instructions to run the application and source code.

Who owns the ideas/hacks that are developed during the hackathon? Do they continue to be owned by the team that developed the hack?
The hacks/solutions developed as part of the Gridlock Hackathon will be owned by the individuals and teams who create them.

What kind of data are we going to have access to, if any, and will this data be available to the participating teams?
Participants are free to use any publicly accessible api for the purpose of data collection.

Are there any restrictions on using number of pre-built libraries?
There is no restriction to use any language, technology stack, or libraries. You can use any of them to create the web/mobile application.

Does one have to be online and available for the entire duration of the Hackathon?
No, one does not need to be logged in on HackerEarth or be online for the entire duration. You can develop the application on your local system based on the given themes and then submit it on HackerEarth, on the specific challenge page.

Do I need to be physically present for the Final event?
The 10 shorlisted finalists will have to present a demo in front of the judges. Partipants have to be present in person to do the demo. The venue for the demo will be in Bangalore. Details will be published soon.

Can I get cash instead of a Flipkart Gift Voucher?
Vouchers may not be redeemed for cash..

Can I use my Flipkart Gift Voucher on other Flipkart Group websites (e.g. Myntra, Jabong,
This is not possible at this time..

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