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The basic definition of Fintech indicates the use of technology enabling the conduct of financial services. Over the years, scope of Fintech has expanded significantly, and it is innovating in and disrupting an expanding number of areas in the financial sector.

There are multiple domains that are being disrupted by Fintech, including but not limited to Banking, Payments, Asset Management, Money transfer, Investment management, Trading, Marketplace lending etc. This hackathon aims to bring all the Fintech enthusiasts together and encourage them to build innovative solutions.

It will be a 65 hours hackathon where you will have to build a fully functional application for web or mobile. This application will be evaluated on the functionality, usefulness, design and efficiency of code.

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There are multiple ways in which the payment industry is being disrupted by technology. Be it in the form of payment gateways, wallets or any other payment instrument.

Money Lending

There are numerous innovative ways in which money lending is being interpreted in the industry. There are innovative solutions like marketplace lending, peer-to-peer lending, micro-financing etc.


Trading has significantly benefited from technology. More than 80% of short term trading is driven by algorithms. Imagine how trading can be further disrupted by technology.

Money Management

Personal finance management is a field that's ripe to be disrupted. There are a 100 different places where a consumer can spend today, applications that can help them make smarter decisions and manage their money better will be revolutionary.

Asset Management

Imagine how can technology be leveraged to do financial asset management. Can algorithms be used to determine what are the best sources for investment and how can returns be maximized.

Open Theme

Build anything under Fintech that excites you.


Each team member of the winning team will receive the prizes.

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