Women's Day Innovation Challenge

60 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 3

Winners are announced.

starts on:
Feb 24, 2017, 10:00 AM
ends on:
Mar 07, 2017, 07:00 AM



Facebook is more committed than ever to empowering developers of all types, sizes, and in any part of the world. Driven by that commitment, we have a new program called Developer Circles from Facebook (DevC for short), a global network of developer communities around the world to help developers connect, learn, and be more successful.

Through this Women’s Day Innovation Challenge organized by DevC Dhaka, we hope to highlight local female developers and empower women as problem-solvers. This challenge is open to women of all ages.

There are two stages to this challenge:

Stage 1: Online ideation - In this stage, you are to form teams of up to 3 to come up with an idea of an app. This app could be a web or mobile app that solves problems you face or problems you see happening in Dhaka. Each team should come up with one idea. Please submit your team's idea in the form of a slideshow (.ppt or .key) via this HackerEarth platform.

Stage 2: In-person pitching - 10 teams will be selected from from Stage 1 to present a 3-pitch about the idea in front of our panel of esteemed judges on 8th March. You and your team will need to be able to present in person. 3 teams will emerge as winners.

A total of 3 teams will win amazing prizes and the opportunity to participate in a bootcamp on 9th Mar where they will receive mentorship by Facebook official and Facebook DevC: Dhaka leaders on their idea. Your team is then expected to create your app and you will get a chance to do a demo at an event organized by DevC: Dhaka.


Main Prizes
Facebook DevC Dhaka: Women's Day Innovation Challenge (3)
  • FBStart Pack of Online Services worth 40K USD
  • 1 Day Long Boot camp with Facebook Official and Facebook Developer Circle Leads in Dhaka
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