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The United Nations has issued a code red - our world is headed towards disaster! It's up to us to halt our environment's degradation. With Ecothon, you're finally getting your chance. String those green bits together, and let's fix our world!


Hack for Environment

World Environment month has just passed, and we would love to take the privilege of embracing the relationship humans have with nature. The pandemic has largely impacted the environment. This hack combines social good with tech minds with the power to change the world, a global initiative to get together and show our love to mother earth in a way that can nurture every aspect of nature and help to create, build and implement innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.

We want you to create solutions that address society’s most critical environmental problems. Identify innovative tech ideas for addressing the most pressing environmental and energy challenges in your city. Ideas are solicited in the broad area of energy and the environment. Help in tracking and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) effects to decrease global warming and create a sustainable future by developing efficient solutions.

Hack for Wildlife

The global wildlife population has fallen by over 58% since the 1970s. If the trend continues, it could decline by two-thirds by 2022. 93% of the big cats have died in the last 50 years, 100 million sharks are killed every year, and 85 thousand elephants were killed in the last 5 years in Tanzania alone. And this is just a part of the $15 billion illegal wildlife trade market every year. Help prevent poaching, illegal trading, or habitat destruction to elevate the numbers and protect species via solutions in the areas of education, awareness, tagging, mapping, tracking, and more.

How can we address issues of wildlife conservation that are related to nature? Can technology encourage people to do the right thing and be good stewards of the wildlife?

Hack for Health

Disabilities and Diseases can have a big impact on the quality of life. How can technology help improve our mental and physical health as well as improve the quality of life for those with disabilities? What tools can encourage proper diet and exercise? How can we help people with drugs and other addictions? We welcome all creative Solutions, Business Models, Case Studies, Diverse Ideation, and applications to sustainability that you can think of. Do you think your ideas will bring change for good? We believe in them too!

Hack for Energy

Energy is the building block of life. Today, the two most important issues facing the world are energy security and environmental concerns. The global energy crisis, coupled with the threat of climate change, calls for innovation in the energy sectors and responsible consumption in every country. The energy sector alone produces 41% of global CO2 emissions. We want you to build solutions that create accessible, affordable, and sustainable power for everyone.

If technologies excite you, we urge you to showcase your analytic skill over connecting devices and innovation by integrating technology and expertise to create a healthier society for tomorrow. Accentuate your imagination without any restrictions on any domain of technology! Build your ideas and use tools that excite you the most! Any idea related to solving energy waste issues is welcome.

Hack for Air

Reducing air pollution and finding “clean” solutions to improve the quality of life is an integral part of any strategy to address climate change. Let’s make practical choices and use innovative approaches to cut down emissions and other sources of air pollution to reap tremendous benefits for food security, health, and climate in your city.

How can you increase Encourage public transportation to decrease the Transport-related air pollution? Apart from tackling the issues of poor air quality and safety hazards, public transport can help reduce your stress levels too! What’s your next big idea for pollution control?

Hack for Water

Water is critical for socio-economic development and healthy ecosystems. Today, most cities have abysmal groundwater levels. Lakes and rivers are disappearing because of the need for land to accommodate overpopulated cities. In addition, industrial waste and sewage continue to contaminate water sources.

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, encourage water conservation and work towards a safer environment by promoting and ensuring clean air and water are available to people. Create solutions to track and improve the quality of breathable air and water resources around the world.
Propose solutions that you believe in!


Main Prizes
USD 100

The winning team will win a collective cash prize of 100 USD, and we'll also provide a Certificate of Achievement for each member.

First Runner Up
USD 75

The first runners-up will win a collective cash prize of 75 USD, and we'll also graciously throw in a Certificate of Achievement for each member.

Second Runner Up
USD 50

The second runners-up will win a collective cash prize of 50 USD, and we'll also graciously throw in a Certificate of Achievement for each member.

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