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576 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4

Winners are announced.

Ideation Phase
starts on:
Dec 26, 2020, 02:00 AM
ends on:
Jan 19, 2021, 07:59 AM
Project Building Phase
starts on:
Jan 23, 2021, 06:00 AM
ends on:
Feb 16, 2021, 02:00 AM


Resource Center

Here are some useful resources you can utilize as a part of this hackathon to build your projects effectively:

  • Safe Software
  • FME empowers users to confidently transform data so it can be shared for use by anyone who needs it, exactly how they need it. Available in seven languages, FME's unmatched transformation capabilities and support for 450+ spatial and non-spatial formats enable you to quickly overcome data challenges so you can focus on your objectives. FME is used by organizations worldwide and across a variety of industries to efficiently overcome interoperability barriers to the sharing and use of data

    You can subscribe to the trial version of FME by clicking here

    You can use these tutorials to get started:

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