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For years I watched my friend dream of graduating from a prestigious college. She did everything right. She filled out her applications on time, studied hard, and eventually got accepted. At the last second, and despite her hard work, the school gave the seat to a man who’s father had bribed the institution’s board.

Recently I stumbled on a news snippet about the collapse of a building that killed over 60% of its residents. An investigation into the tragedy revealed that the building’s builders and contractors had used low-quality material to cut down on their costs. They went on and bribed the inspection officials to get the necessary approvals for construction. They failed to realize that they were trying to make money by putting innocent human lives at stake.

The damage done by corruption has mounted over the years. Increased rates of organized crime across the world pose a risk to humanity and the environment.

We introduce you to Code Against Corruption: an event to combat corruption through technology.

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Awareness for anti-corruption
  • Build awareness and an easily accessible tool that educates users about various anti-corruption laws and regulations. This forum should act as a content curator platform that displays anti-corruption initiatives (globally and regionally), citizens’ rights on reporting incidences of petty/grand corruption, and ways to hold authorities accountable for such acts.
Transparency is the currency of trust

People in power have time and again misused their position for personal gains. Over the years, cases of embezzlement and fraud have come to light. Such exploitation of power usually happens because of the lack of transparency (for instance, how the organizations sanction and use funds).

  • Develop an interactive e-learning platform that trains various stakeholders, employees/owners of an organization, or other individuals’ ethics and legal framework.
  • Propose solutions that make the process of sanctioning of funds to completion of projects more transparent. Additionally, details such as the funds allotted for a project, workforce involved at all stages, costs of goods/services used during the project, and the like should be available.
  • Use AI/ML to propose a way to forecast the expenses of projects and drives (such as administrative buildings, roadways, disaster mitigation), based on the total duration and extent of the project, costs of goods/services used, inauguration invitees, and event, and so on, using open data.

AI for social welfare

Exchanging bribe money has been disclosed via numerous sting operations. Honestly, we have only barely scratched the surface.

  • Develop an AI-powered engine that can be integrated with security camera systems to detect the exchange of bribes at traffic signals and police stations, offices of authoritative bodies, and the like.

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