Cloud Fest Hackathon 2

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The idea submission phase is over and participation is closed.

Idea Submission Phase
starts on:
Apr 01, 2022, 12:30 PM
ends on:
May 08, 2022, 06:25 PM
Prototype Submission Phase
starts on:
May 27, 2022, 12:30 PM
ends on:
Jun 19, 2022, 06:25 PM



We are currently evaluating all ideas and will come back with the ideas shortlisted for the prototype phase by 27th May!

Need an easy way to feel like you’re on cloud 9? Join the Cloud Fest Hackathon Presented by Google Cloud, where you create themed prototypes using Google Cloud technologies and stand a chance to win amazing prizes for your stratospheric thinking! Talk about silver linings, eh? This product adoption hackathon is open for all working professionals with 6+ months of experience. This hackathon is divided into 2 phases i.e. the ‘Idea’ and ‘Prototype’ phase. The shortlisted candidates will be a part of a grand finale where they will present their stellar ideas in a virtual live presentation.

For the idea phase, please make sure that the idea you submit is your final idea, as we will be evaluating your idea as soon as it is submitted.

All the teams that make it to phase 2, will get free credits from Google Cloud to help you build your prototype. Please note that using Google Cloud Platform is mandatory for this hackathon. Visit the Resources page or click on the banner below for more information on how to get started.

You can either invite your friends, or colleague(s) from the same organization to form a team, or you can request other teams to add you as a member (max. 4 members per team). The preference would be to form teams with your friends/colleagues from the same organization. To participate in this hackathon, register and begin by picking one or more themes from the theme section to work on!


Note: The use of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is mandatory in your solution. Google Cloud credits will be provided to all those who are shortlisted for the prototype round.

For the idea phase, please make sure that the idea you submit is your final idea, as we will be evaluating your idea as soon as it is submitted.


It is important to protect any kind of data to prevent misuse. This is especially important when it comes to healthcare data. The healthcare data is always on the verge of witnessing malicious attacks and is subject to misuse. Healthcare sector with enhanced privacy protection is the key to the future. 

Through innovative ideas, showcase and empower the healthcare and life sciences sector with increased data security and more robust data management techniques.

Solutions that can accelerate the future of virtual care and ideas that can accelerate drug development using the power of Google Cloud Platform.

Social Welfare, Education & Diversity

Social welfare, education, and diversity sectors are always committed to advancing learning through online courses, including metaverse in education, graphics, and animated videos for social welfare along with real world stories and pictorial representations for showcasing diversity and humanity. Look into Google Cloud solutions, teaching tools, and devices that help move the data of classrooms, academic institutions, and edtech companies into the digital world.  

Your idea must help in improving student learning with cost optimization and also which helps in groundbreaking research such as the never ending ‘paper versus digital’ war, feedback. Include high resolution videos, datasets to showcase results and build trust around the audience for social welfare. Think out of the box for the diversity sector and how it can be reformed for betterment like showcasing different cultures, knowledge,cities etc. Present an idea on how Google Cloud can be used and support these sectors for growth. Build a secure and scalable infrastructure for the education, social, and diversity sectors with the help of Google Cloud Platform


Google Cloud Platform works with retailers to solve their problems related to showcasing a particular product or consumer’s needs. For example, it helps in ‘Future Proof Infrastructure’  which helps in delivering secure services to users with speed and reliability. It provides powerful data and analytics which comes with easy manage, process and visualize data. It also helps them to go serverless which helps in building prototypes to production level without worrying about reliability, capacity and performance. Google Cloud helps retailers with building blocks to optimized their operations using actionable analytics, and industry level solutions that can help with product discovery, user acquisition, omnichannel engagement and much more. 

Build an innovative idea that can further help in lowering the business risk. Bring out the potential solutions that can help retailers to solve problems related to data processing, duplicacy of data and switching to cloud technologies to solve those challenges. You can also develop innovative solutions for customer acquisitions, predictive analytics & recommendations using Google Cloud technologies.

Media & Entertainment

Google Cloud is highly used by media and entertainment organizations including YouTube, Spotify, Savan, as their data centers to cater the demands of their users. They rely heavily on Google Cloud to store, process and deliver results. Being highly available and reliable is a very important aspect of Google Cloud which decides user experience on these platforms.

Come up with some amazing idea(s) that can help in improving the reliability and availability of the media platforms so that it can decrease the time process and help in smooth interaction. For instance, solutions can cater to modernizing content production and its distribution operations while improving audience experiences across the world. Likewise they can also focus on providing tailored experiences and recommendations for customer acquisition.

Open Innovation with GCP

Thinking about a big idea solution on Google Cloud but didn’t match with the themes?

The open innovation theme will help you in implementing your idea and creativity while allowing you to think and work out of the box by eliminating as many constraints as possible. Open to innovative ideas that will be beneficial for everyone. All that you need to do is develop your big idea solution with GCP!

Open to solutions from all domains that bring out and leverage the benefits of Google Cloud Platform. Get started with your creativity and send us some unique ideas! 

Prizes USD 5000 in prizes

Main Prizes
USD 2500
1st Runner Up
USD 1500
2nd Runner Up
USD 1000

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