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Jun 21, 2019, 09:30 AM
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Jul 21, 2019, 01:25 PM
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Aug 02, 2019, 09:30 PM
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Aug 04, 2019, 06:30 AM


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Disrupting the mobility space, Bounce is India’s first two-wheeler self-ride rental service that is on a mission to make daily commute affordable, accessible and convenient.

Founded in 2014, the company’s smart urban mobility solution strives to bridge the last mile connectivity gap with anywhere pick up and drop options. Clocking 30,000+ rides daily, Bounce currently boasts of a fully serviced fleet of 5000+ dockless scooters that can be accessed round the clock by anyone through their app, at extremely affordable rates.

The company has recently raised $72 million in Series C funding led by Eduardo Saverin's B Capital, and Falcon Edge, and is also strongly backed by it's existing investors such as Sequoia Capital, IDG Omidyar and Accel Partners.

Looking to scale up rapidly and commence pan India operations, Bounce is looking for a different league of problem solvers keen on alleviating the pain points in the mobility space. In light of this, Bounce is conducting Bounce Hack 1.0 to spot those out-of-the-box thinkers and problem solvers!

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The hackathon will be divided into 2 phases. Each phase will have an elimination round.

In this online ideation round, we want to learn about your approach towards building a solution for the chosen mobility problems in India.

Your team must have a mix of mobile and backend developers. You can also choose to participate individually if you possess both the skills.

In the online submission, teams must submit two/three documents with the below information provided in the Idea submission format.

For your idea submissions, we urge you to follow the Idea Submission Format.

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At the hackathon location, if you are participating individually, you can either team up with someone who is a mobile developer if you are a backend developer and vice versa or get started on building the solution with your teammates. You will be evaluated on the product as a whole.

The Bounce engineering team will mentor you and help chisel your solution during the course of the hackathon. The finalists will get the opportunity to showcase and discuss their solution before the esteemed judges of Bounce Hack 1.0 and may even get lucky enough to land a job opportunity at Bounce!


Open Innovation

Bounce is determined to revolutionize the way rural and urban India commutes. One of the leading travel issues faced by the rural and suburban Indian population is a dearth of vehicles coupled with issues regarding untimely vehicle delivery and unfair prices. Can you address their travel woes with an innovative solution?

Traffic Management

Traffic congestion is the culprit behind improper traffic management, lawlessness on roads and frequent signal failures. While several methods to minimize congestion such as infrared sensors inductive loop detection, video data analysis, wireless sensor networks are in place, they often accompanied with demerits such as high installation and maintenance costs.

As a solution, Mobility options offered by ride-hailing services such as Bounce, Uber, Yulu, QuickRide, etc have tried to combat the problem of congestion to a large extent and served road administration and consumers alike.

Design a low cost, scalable solution for a connected service, that serves as a bridge between all the mobility options to ease congestion while allowing commuters to optimize their travel time and cost.

Last mile connectivity and ease of traveling

Traveling from Point A to B may require a change in several modes of transport. For instance, you may cover a specific distance via metro, some distance by bus and the last mile by auto to reach the desired location. While making these switches customers encounter several issues like unfair travel prices, unavailability of transport options and general traffic mismanagement.

Design a solution to help commuters cover last mile connectivity in the most hassle-free manner possible by suggesting an economical travel alternative that is available and easily accessible as well.

A country is lauded for its high mobility standards only when the commute options cater efficiently to the differently abled, elderly and low-income travelers. We envision India to be a country that provides affordable and accessible travel options to all strata of society as well.

Participants must come up with mobility solutions that are safety-oriented and also meant for differently abled, low-income, and elderly travelers.

Come up with a solution that tackles the lack of real-time information about public buses, autos, complex payment systems, or the lack of online payment methods in public transportation.

Bridging the gap between the demand and supply for smart urban mobility

Cities face many mobility and transport challenges where the market is held back by fragmentation and uncertainties over both demand and supply. We need partnerships between public authorities, transport operators, small and large companies, and investors.

Can you come up with innovative solutions for efficient management and administration of supply against the demand for our upcoming metropolitans?

Data Science and mobility

As mobility is moving from a private model to a shared one (shared cars, bicycles, scooters, etc.), mobility operators are gathering more and more data related to their users behaviors (time of booking, positions when starting and ending a trip, etc.) and vehicle information (level of battery, speed, state of the vehicle, etc.). This data is very important as it allows operators to predict key metrics to help improve their services and user experience.

How can we maximize the benefits of data analytics to efficiently improve the service, user experience and reduce the costs for operators?

You can use open data sources to build Data Science solutions for mobility.

Prizes INR 3,50,000 in prizes

Main Prizes
1st Prize
INR 1,50,000

Winners will receive Exciting Bounce Branded Merchandise apart from the Cash Prize of INR 1.5 Lakh!

2nd Prize
INR 1,00,000

Winners will receive Exciting Bounce Branded Merchandise apart from the Cash Prize of INR 1 Lakh!

Best Idea
INR 15000

The best ideator will receive Exciting Bounce Branded Merchandise apart from the Cash Prize of INR 15K!

Special Prizes
Consolation Prize (20)

Exciting Goodies for All the shortlisted teams at the offline hackathon

Job Opportunities (5)

Bounce Hack 1.0 will open doors to recruitment interviews for finalists. Stand a chance to work for Bounce!

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