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Bank of Baroda is a state owned second largest bank in India. With INR 9.85 trillion business mix and a network of 5422 domestic branches and 107 offices in 24 foreign countries. The Bank’s Technology initiatives are focused on customers and its Business Transformation Program encompassing technology is meant to provide its customers continuously improved convenience banking on 24X7 basis.

The Bank introduces “Baroda Finathon Challenge”, a hackathon contest, inviting the techies, developers, students and start-ups to come up with exciting, innovative, novel and viable solutions under the listed themes.

For about two months, expert developers will showcase how their solutions can help Bank in developing better banking systems. We invite you to not only enjoy the outcome, but also the journey through a challenge that puts you to test via a coding battlefield.



The “Innovation” theme of the Finathon provides a unique opportunity to apply out of box thinking to create new age banking solutions using emerging technologies .You can use one of the below API options to develop solution/ application under “ Innovation” theme.

You may also use these API options to develop solutions for any other themes (Customer Acquisition, Customer Experience, Conversational ...

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Customer Acquisition

Identify and reach prospective and profitable customers for retail loan and deposit products

  • Bank needs to increase its retail loan portfolio, with special focus on home loan, car loan and personal loan. The challenge is to ‘identify’ and ‘reach out’ to the prospective customers with a high probability of conversion in short term and good credit standing.

  • CASA deposits are low cost and more of...

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Customer Experience

Leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence) & NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology to enhance customer experience

  • Improvement in customer experience is a continuous journey. As Bank embarks on its new transformation journey, bank would like to leverage the latest technological tools to enhance customer experience. Challenge is to design products using AI & NLP technologies to create pro...
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Conversational Banking

Build solutions leveraging technology for conversational banking use cases other than Contact Center Chat, Chabot, etc.

  • Challenge is to design products/services using Conversational Banking for better customer experience at the branch. This should not include Customer Contact Chat, Chatbot etc

Improve collections and recovery from borrowers by using internal and external data and technology.

  • There are mechanisms for recovery of dues from delinquent accounts and for monitoring the recovery. However, at times, there are cases when recovery is not as per schedule or even there is no recovery due to factors related to economy, industry/sector, geography, customer and account etc. The chall...
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Build a digital KYC mechanism which is easy, secure, maintains history and can be shared consistently across entities within and outside the Bank

  • KYC is a necessity both from business as well as regulatory imperatives. All organizations onboarding new customers need to complete KYC norms. Challenge is to leverage technology to complete KYC with minimum process steps and sharing of KYC details as-...
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Operational Efficiency

Use of GPS, external data sources and analytics to build a solution for planning/ identification of right locations for opening new branches, digital kiosks, ATMs and for rationalization of existing network of branches, kiosks and ATMs.

  • Bank needs to continuously increase its footprint across the nation and in overseas territories. While Bank has a defined process to identify the ideal location f...
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Prizes INR 10,00,000 in prizes

Potential opportunity to explore a commercial relationship with Bank.

Main Prizes
First Prize
INR 5,00,000
Second Prize
INR 3,00,000
Third Prize
INR 2,00,000

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