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Ideation Phase
starts on:
Jun 15, 2021, 03:30 PM
ends on:
Aug 30, 2021, 04:59 AM
Project Building Phase
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Sep 06, 2021, 05:00 AM
ends on:
Nov 13, 2021, 05:59 AM




Keynotes to consider

- Given the premise, we still are open to the impact you can make while you build your solutions and are open to going out of our way to give you the reward you deserve. While you build out the prototypes and have the metrics associated to build a quality solution, we would insist you build your idea towards the below metrics

  • Potential impact on the industry – 40%
  • The uniqueness of the idea – 30%
  • Potential ROI – 20%
  • The potential risk of implementation – 10%
  • Also, the attached Criteria AOTMP Prototype Judging Guidelines

- We are going with five prizes (First place - $2,500, Second place - $1,500, Third place - $1,000, Fourth place - $500, Fifth place - $250)

- We will be hosting an AMA (Ask me Anything) session so that you could talk to us directly and get to know what each really means and are happy to guide you towards making an impact on this industry

 - As a starter kit, you could start deep diving into aspects such as

  • Industry Trends, Industry challenges, Industry innovations,
  • Analyze the challenge your idea is solving; quantify the impact it can make and how does the idea become Novel and unique
  • Rationale as to why your idea should be the winning idea and how it can change the industry
  • Call out the IP that your product has and how the company would benefit out of the solution you bring to the table


The telecom, mobility & IT management industry is approaching $4.3 trillion in annual spending and is supported by more than 10 million business operations professionals across the globe.

AOTMP® is bringing together thousands of resources to tackle some of the greatest challenges in the telecom, mobility & IT management industry. These professionals will have a goal of creating answers and solutions that will help take the industry to a new level, one that brings significantly more value and overall business impact to organizations worldwide.

This event is all about advancing the telecom, mobility & IT management industry using open innovation to generate new ideas and solve the greatest challenges.

Be part of this exclusive and unique opportunity where ideas turn into solutions to advance the telecom, mobility & IT management industry. You won’t want to miss it.

  • 10 industry challenges
  • 10 Innovation Leaders
  • Over 3,000 participants
  • 100’s of great ideas
  • 10 challenge winners
  • 1 grand prize winner
  • $100,000 in prize money
  • 1 exciting event

There are four ways to get involved:

  • Participants / Contributors (No Cost)
  • You will be an active participant in the event either as an individual or with a team and will be submitting ideas, projects or other submissions.

  • Sponsor’s Employees (No Cost)
  • You are an employee of one of the event sponsors and are registering with your company email address.

  • AOTMP® Members ($2,655)
  • You are an individual member of AOTMP® or your company is an AOTMP® corporate member in good standing.

  • Industry Advocates ($2,950)
  • You are attending event week and are entitled to attend all sessions and award presentations.

Learn more about the event and AOTMP® at AOTMP® Industry Hackathon


Elevating the Value of Telecom, Mobility & IT Departments

Description: What are ways that a telecom, mobility, and IT organization can show more business value and impact specifically to the C-Suite? Technology spending is a top 3 to 5 company expense with over $3.8 trillion being spent on services, solutions and products globally. How can that huge investment directly correlate to what the C-Suite cares about … revenues, shareholder value, measurable efficiency, increased EPS, etc.?

Potential Outcomes: Models for calculating the value of technology and the value of efficient technology operations to bottom line business results.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Description: What are some new and creative ways telecom, mobility and IT management organizations can incorporate and promote more diversity and inclusion?

Potential Outcomes: Tools that help professionals embrace, adopt, and evolve diversity and inclusion mindfulness.

Verified AI Sourcing Tool for SMBs

Description: Constantly changing and evolving solutions, services and products available in the telecom, mobility, and IT management industry create sourcing, evaluation, and selection complexities that SMBs (small and mid-sized businesses) are not always equipped to address due to limited time or resources. How do SMBs more easily and efficiently sort out the thousands of options available to them?

Potential Outcomes: Tools that help SMBs find verified solutions to simplify the sourcing, evaluation, and selection of telecom, mobility, and IT services and solutions.

Showcasing Career Opportunities in the Telecom, Mobility & IT Management Industry

Description: When thinking of recruiting the best possible talent to work in telecom, mobility, and IT management, operational and financial business functions are often perceived as less exciting and appealing than technical and engineering functions. What are some new and creative ways to attract world-class talent and illustrate the cool factor across all facets of technology management?

Potential Outcomes: Technology, strategies, techniques, market analysis, and career opportunity studies showcase operational and financial business aspects of technology management.

Techniques to Accelerate Accessibility

Description: The Covid-19 pandemic shifted the workforce to the very edge of the public network – people’s homes. Network connectivity became the linchpin of work, school, and social engagement. Closing the digital divide is critical to leveling the social and economic playing field for everyone. What strategies help to close the gap?

Potential Outcomes: Technology, strategies, market analysis, and feasibility studies to that close the accessibility gap.

Remote Workforce Engagement

Description: Remote workforce is a sustained reality. How do organizations continue to innovate while keeping high engagement with employees while reducing the risk of remote work fatigue?

Potential Outcomes: Technology, strategies, and techniques that support individuals and ease remote work fatigue.

Reshaping Academia-Industry Partnership

Description: The pace of technology innovation and adoption frequently outpaces the ability for organizations to efficiently operationalize technology lifecycle management. New skills are needed, new playbooks are needed, and new measures of success need to be identified. What are the strategies to prepare people for the workforce and upskill/reskill the current workforce to support everchanging technology management demands?

Potential Outcomes: Collaboration tools, engagement models, and industry roadmap for workforce preparedness and workforce evolution.

Mitigating Regulatory & Legislative Risk

Description: Data privacy is of growing concern for consumers and business alike. As legislation is passed to catch-up with technology and current use cases, businesses and the industry must adapt to conform. What actions should industry take to get ahead of the curve and improve the ability to support data privacy expectations?

Potential Outcomes: Risk mitigation calculators, change predictor/notification tools, and models that reduce time-to-compliance and cost of compliance.

Reducing the Negative Environmental Impact of Technology

Description: Eco-conscious organizations face interesting challenges when considering the effects of technology on their entire business footprint. The carbon footprint extends beyond the business to the carrier, cloud, and network services providers. Additionally, the growing volume of electronic waste generated as byproduct of rapid technology innovation and shortened in-service timeframes contributes to increased negative environmental impact. What industrywide strategies should be adopted to reduce negative environmental impact from technology?

Potential Outcomes: Impact calculators, environmental impact models, and strategies to help businesses understand the total environmental impact of technology decisions

Integrating Technology Strategy & Business Strategy

Description: As extreme automation led by AI creates redundancy of human input in the workplace, curating a sustainable and integrated technology and business strategy is vital to business relevance and success.

Potential Outcomes: Collaboration tools, engagement models, and industry roadmap for strategy alignment.

Prizes USD 100,000 in prizes

All prize winners will receive post event recognition in AOTMP® Insights, in a news release and in an AOTMP® email blast to over 70,000 telecom, mobility & IT management professionals

Main Prizes
First Prize
USD 2500

One First Prize per Challenge

Second Prize
USD 1500

One Second Prize per Challenge

Third Prize
USD 1000

One Third Prize per Challenge


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