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Feb 20, 2018, 07:30 AM
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Alexa Skills Kit - All you need to know about building skills for Alexa

Slack Channel for Support - Join our Slack channel to get your queries answered

Videos & Tutorials
- Alexa developers YouTube Channel - watch our videos to understand more about Alexa
- Tutorials - Codecademy - watch tutorials from Codecademy and learn to build a skill
- Training Courses – learn by watching our training courses
- Webinar Recordings – learn by watching our webinar recordings

Github Repository
- Github Repository – glance through templates for Alexa skills
- Alexa Cookbook – short code samples that show you how to add features to an Alexa skill

Skill Building Support
- Alexa Blog – learn more about Alexa and skill building from our blogs
- Voice Design – learn how to going about designing for voice
- Skill certification requirements – this checklist summarizes the testing you should do to prepare your skill for the certification process
- Test Your Skill – read how you can test a new skill
- Submit Your Skill for Certification – learn the steps and requirements to get your skill launched
- Alexa Skill building documentation – learn more technicalities of skill building
- Mix Master Kid Skill Template – practice key design principles including progressive prompting to help guide kids through interactions, and leveling to give kids a sense of accomplishment
- Alexa developer forum – hosted by Amazon
- Alexa Skills Store US – check out existing skills in the US skill store, new arrivals, skill categories, and customer reviews.
- Alexa Skills Store IN – check out existing skills in the IN skill store, new arrivals, skill categories, and customer reviews.

Meet our Architects
- Join us for 'Helpdesk: ASK and Architect' – every Thursday we answer your Alexa-related questions from 3.00 PM IST

Designing / Protoyping / Platforms
- Sayspring (Voice Prototypes for Amazon Alexa)
- Storyline (Create voice apps without coding)
- PullString (Design, Prototype, and Publish Voice Apps)

Programming Languages & SDKs
- Alexa Skills Kit SDK for JavaScript / Node.js (Lambda)
- Creating SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) using the builder pattern
- Java: Java Alexa Skills Kit SDK (Lambda)
- Python: Flask-Ask
- C# / .NET: Alexa Skills SDK for .NET - Ruby:

- Alexa Skills Kit Command Line Interface (ASK CLI)
- Bespoken CLI (Develop, Debug, and Test Live on Your Laptop)
- Skillinator (prototype Alexa Skills for Alexa Skills Kit SDK for JavaScript / Node.js (Lambda))

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