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Bharti Airtel Limited is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 17 countries representing India, Sri Lanka and 16 countries in Africa.

In Dec 2016, Bharti Airtel had 364.6 million customers across all operations, which essentially translates into 364 million+ opportunities to leave a lasting impact on their lives.

The future of telecom is all about digital & Airtel has embarked on this journey to transform the customer experience and network experience through digitization. Currently, we have a plethora of mobile applications on Android and iOS app stores ranging from My Airtel – One App for all Apps bringing in together various suite of applications, to various digital properties like Airtel Movies, Airtel Games, Wynk Music and Airtel Payments Bank.

We also have various enterprise apps for our internal employees and a digital ecosystem for our retailers where they can acquire, serve and sell customers through E-Mitra app.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg & there is room for a lot of disruption! Whether it is the Airtel Payments Bank or Airtel Self Care or Customer Experience, there is always room to innovate & do things differently.

So don’t miss this opportunity to join WHack - #WhatTheHack by Airtel, to compete in developing innovative solutions & solving real problems, which better the lives of millions.

We are changing the way we enrich our customer experience and want you to be a part of driving this experience. This is your chance to shape the future & make history!

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Airtel Payments Bank

Airtel Payments Bank is a differentiated bank that provides essential financial services to its customers and is a giant leap towards making financial inclusion a reality for every Indian.

Airtel Payments Bank will leverage the distribution network of Bharti Airtel spread across 1.5 million retail outlets, with network presence spreading across 87% of the country, covering more than 400,000 villages and 5,000 census towns. With banking, we are going to make financial inclusion a reality for every Indian, by enabling them to do banking on their own terms, and enjoy products that are intuitive, easy to use and more accessible.

Technology is expected to enable means to reduce costs of operations with ease of transactions. For instance, as existing Airtel customers can have the same account number as their mobile number, opening an account is simple and paperless. Multiple channels have been put to use to enable banking—the MyAirtel App, IVR, USSD, SMS channels, etc.

We are calling all the product-engineering folks to come up with ideas/products to enable us to realise our dream of financial inclusivity for every Indian. This essentially means, innovative solutions to drive more acquisitions and enhance the customer experience.

You can visit at https://www.airtel.in/bank to view our payments bank platform or download the My Airtel App.

Self-Care and Customer Experience

Airtel truly believes in transparency and empowering users to self manage Airtel products & services. Airtel has consistently made efforts in this direction whether it is through OpenNetwork, new self care or ever evolving powerful My Airtel App.

In today’s tech-savvy, socially connected world, customer’s expectations are very high, but fair and motivates us to do more. We would like to maintain our march towards an empowered digital self care with innovations taking it beyond with predictive analysis, smart digital assistants, proactive diagnosis and support.

We want to win trust with personalized experience, predictive means to meet customer expectations, recommendations, deep learning & chat bots, self healing systems, self care, fantastic UI/UX, and much more…

We are calling all the product-engineering folks to come up with ideas/products to enable us create an outstanding customer experience digitally.

You can visit at https://www.airtel.in/s/selfcare/ to view our self-care platform.


Apart from cash prizes, you can also grab an opportunity to be a part of the Airtel family & join us on our digital journey!!

Life at Airtel

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Hear it from Airtel's Global CIO & head digitization

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