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idea phase
starts on:
Apr 18, 2019, 09:30 AM
ends on:
Jun 28, 2019, 01:25 PM
starts on:
Jul 19, 2019, 09:30 PM
ends on:
Jul 20, 2019, 05:15 AM


All the participants for the offline round, who had travelled from outside Mumbai and applied for their reimbursements by 5th of August, will receive their reimbursements latest by 31st August. Any reimbursement request received after 5th of August will not be entertained.

Please find the shortlisted teams for the On-site Hackathon Here

All Shortlisted Teams Please note: You will be getting an Email regarding the shortlist, please register for the same. Teams who do not fill the registration form before the deadline will not be considered for the On-site event

AGS Transact Technologies Limited (AGSTTL) is one of India’s leading providers of end-to-end cash and digital payment solutions & automation technology, offering customized solutions serving the banking, retail, petroleum, and transit sectors. AGSTTL’s operations cover approximately 2,200 cities and towns, servicing approx. 2, 35,000 machines or customer touch points across India, as of June 30, 2018. The company has also started expanding its operations to Southeast Asian and other countries.

Factors like PMJDY, UPI, AePS, rising smartphone penetration etc. have created favorable conditions for wider adoption of digital payments acceptance in India. In the past few years digital payments have grown multi-fold. Technological advancements in the Indian digital payment services ecosystem are providing fast transfers, convenience and faster check out options to Indian consumers. Today, there are many form factors available for making digital payments for end-consumers but the lack of merchant acceptance points is still a deterrent in non-metro cities.

As one of the leading providers of payment solutions in India, AGS Transact Technologies Limited aims to provide innovative & customized payment solutions to its customers; and facilitate an infrastructure which processes all the popular modes of transactions on a secured platform, which is scalable to support the newer payment technologies in the future

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Format & Hackathon Phases:

The Hackathon will be divided into 2 phases. Each phase will have an elimination round.

In this phase, we want to learn about your approach towards building a solution for the chosen Opportunity/opportunities. Briefly describe:

  • Proposed Solution synopsis
  • Tech Stack, you will be using (If being used)
  • Algorithms/Models you will be using

You don’t have to implement exactly what you describe in this phase. We understand that your approach, design, chosen stack, and methodology may change when you will start building the solution. This deliverable is to gauge your understanding of the problem and guide you towards the building of the right solution.

Shortlist announcement date: 13th June

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For the finale, you shall be invited to AGS Transact's Office in Mumbai for a 12-hour exciting hack!


One Click Digital Payments

One Click Digital Payments

You are supposed to come up with a One Click Digital Payment for MSME’s (Not only organized retail).

Your solution should provide Frictionless Single Click Payment, Which does not involve any new app and behaves like cash; the solution can be on decentralized Blockchain network, Social digital payments, wearable payments or any such technologies! (Most payment services t...

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Data reconciliation and Dispute management

What happens in the back office of any payment processing operation is as important as the customer-facing transaction. Behind the scenes, there is significant potential for delays and costly mistakes if payments are not processed efficiently and seamlessly. For many institutions, this tedious process is made more difficult by the diverse types of payments they handle.

In addition, when account ho...

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Open innovation

Come up with a solution for Payment POS / ATM of the future., One - Click payments, UPI, etc. Ideate and build on how Payment POS / ATM will change as per the ecosystem trends and consumer behavior

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Main Prizes
1st Prize
INR 2,00,000

Winners will receive Exciting AGSTTL Branded Merchandise apart from the Cash Prize of INR 2 Lakh!

2nd Prize
INR 1,50,000

Winners will receive Exciting AGSTTL Branded Merchandise apart from the Cash Prize of INR 1.5 Lakh!

3rd Prize
INR 1,00,000

Winners will receive Exciting AGSTTL Branded Merchandise apart from the Cash Prize of INR 1 Lakh!


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