Aadhaar Application Hackathon

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starts on:
Jun 06, 2015, 04:30 AM
ends on:
Jun 08, 2015, 01:00 PM



Announcing Mentor Hours

Mentor hours section will be open throughout the duration of the event. You can access this here - https://www.hackerearth.com/ama/mentor-hours/

Ask all your queries regarding the hackathon here and experts from UIDAI, Khosla Labs, AngelPrime and Morpho will answer your questions.

AngelPrime, a seed-stage Venture Capital Fund based in Bangalore and NASSCOM, in collaboration with UIDAI, brings you "Aadhaar Application Hackathon".

The aim of the Aadhaar hackathon is to encourage and promote the development of applications that utilize the open Aadhaar APIs. The event will allow you to indulge in a non-stop 2 day coding marathon. You are invited to participate in the hackathon on the weekend of 6th -7th June 2015 to build products under any of the following categories:

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Offline Venues

In addition to the online Hackathon, there will be 3 offline venues for this Hackathon as well. If you have registered for the Hackathon you can visit one of these venues and participate from there. Each venue can seat 40 people and they are available on first come first serve basis. The venues are

  1. PayTM, Delhi (Map Link)
  2. NASSCOM Start-up warehouse, Bangalore (Map Link)
  3. Microsoft Ventures, Bangalore (Map Link)

Please fill in this form to book your seat at the venue. Last date to avail the seats is June 3, 2015

Please note

  1. Max. seats available: 40 at each of the centres on a first come first serve basis
  2. Biometric Sensors will be provided at the venue for participants
  3. All participants wishing to use the offline venue have fill in the form

Aadhaar APIs

The following two Aadhaar API's will be exposed to all participants:

You can leverage these 2 APIs for the following

  • Demographic Authentication
  • OTP Authentication
  • OTP eKYC
  • Biometric Authentication*
  • Biometric eKYC*

The last two functions marked * require approved biometric sensors. You can procure your own biometric sensors (approved by UIDAI) or our biometric sensor partner, Morpho will provide USB-based biometric sensors with their SDK for Android and Windows at a special cost of Rs. 3000 - you can purchase these online on or before May 31, 2015. Please read the FAQ to know more about it.

Access to APIs and SDKs

To participate in the Hackathon, you will need SDKs and APIs that you can use to build applications on top of Aadhaar APIs. You can find the documentation and access to those SDKs and APIs in the following Developer Guide

Download SDK & Documentation

The SDK from Morpho will be available for download as soon as you order the sensor. You will be redirected to a link after the purchase from where you can download the SDK.



Can you think of an Aadhaar based solution to make paying local vendors easy and paperless.

Government Benefits

How can you Aadhaar to make claiming and allotting government benefits easier? Think of using internet enabled services that will help you do this.


Access health records of people across multiple hospitals using one Aadhaar number? Make government hospitals smarter using Aadhaar? It's your choice.

Online to Offline

Not all of India is online. How can Aadhaar leverage the power of online and deliver it offline? Think and build

Open Category

Think of any other way you think Aadhaar can impact our day to day life and make our every day transactions more convenient.


Think of Aadhaar to make manufacturers and merchant interactions simpler. Or an Aadhaar based inventory management tool.

Financial Services

Centralise banking using Aadhaar number. Or make banking authentication seamless and simple


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Main Prizes
Cash prize - INR 2 Lakhs

Top 3 teams will get cash prizes up to INR 2 Lakhs

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