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About section:

About Vodafone Idea Limited (VIL)

Vodafone Idea Limited is an Aditya Birla Group and Vodafone Group partnership. It is amongst India’s leading telecom service provider. The Company provides pan India Voice and Data services across 2G, 3G, and 4G platforms. With the large spectrum portfolio to support the growing demand for data and voice, the company is committed to deliver delightful customer experiences and contribute toward creating a truly ‘Digital India’ by enabling millions of citizens to connect and build a better tomorrow.

The company is developing infrastructure to introduce newer and smarter technologies, making both retail and enterprise customers future-ready with innovative offerings, conveniently accessible through an ecosystem of digital channels as well as extensive on-ground presence.

The vision is to create a world-class digital experience to connect and inspire every Indian to build a better tomorrow.

What does VIL want?

Being ‘customer-first ’, VIL is constantly working at uplifting digital experiences for its customers. Our 3 themes for Codefest invite tech savvy solution creators to develop smart, future fit prototypes for driving our vision.

What's in it for you?

This Codefest offers an opportunity for innovators like you to create apps and solutions for over 300 million customers. Besides the opportunity to win cash prizes worth Rs.7 Lakhs, selected prototypes will be developed further in partnership with its creators for integration into VIL product offerings.


AI Powered Customer Profiling Solutions


VIL has maintained key understanding and deep relationship with its users based on the customer’s telco requirements (voice, data, text) and a few engagements on VIL’s other entertainment and digital assets.

Additionally, VIL knows its customers using CRM data, network data, payment and transactions, plans and packs, international roaming, and 2G/3G/4G usage.

Given the demand for OTT data and rise of internet usage, there is a lot that can be acquired from external sources (digital footprint of the customer—transactions, searches, social media profiles, etc.) to develop a robust understanding of VIL’s customers, not just as communities but in a more personalized paradigm.


VIL wants to build an artificial intelligence-driven customer profiling engine that helps map the customer on the following: 

Representative image: Customers today have preferences towards brands, lifestyle choices, cuisines, destinations and lifestyle based on parameters like pricing, availability, life-stage, time of day amongst many others.

VIL intends to build a model to analyze multiple data sets to create the most compelling offerings for each customer, with the highest propensity to transact on the offering (purchase, content consumption, social share, gaming, etc.).

The winning recommendation will strengthen VIL offerings and needs to generate more accurate reads, with a reasonable degree of confidence, to predict that a particular customer will opt for a certain product or offer from the brand and its partners.

Using VIL’s reference internal data and each individual’s data usage behavior (open source or self-procured data), you need to build AI/ML-powered analytical solutions that empower: 

  • Teams with suggestions of a product to customers based on their existing portfolio and content preferences affinity toward fashion, entertainment, finance, travel or other industries so that VIL can build partner relationships in the market accordingly
  • Recommend benefits or rewards that will help VIL and partners nudge customer behavior toward business intents: product and services.

Your analytics/AI product should be in a format usable by developers which is scalable as well as robust along with supporting material: 

  • Approach [Tech stack used and why? What are the alternatives that can be considered?] 
  • Data Modelling & Architecture diagram


  • VIL Internal Sample Data for Reference: data definition and sample data of variables used by VIL
  • You can create dummy data or use similar relevant external data sources to ideate and build a prototype. Actual data will be exposed during the Onsite rounds for direct implementation, testing and tuning of solutions

Solutions Enhancing API Revenue


VIL Developer Portal allows developers to register and access VIL’s APIs. Developers can use these APIs to build prototype applications or extensions to existing apps, creating powerful mobile communications and monetization features. 

These APIs can be consumed by any application or service, whether it runs on web, enterprise server, SaaS cloud, desktop, or on the mobile device, to enrich the application with communication, context, and commercial capabilities from a cellular network.

Some use cases as examples are:

1.In your existing media platform, displaying region specific content based on the location of a device, and charging customer’s Vodafone accounts (prepaid/postpaid) using the Payment API.

2. Providing postpaid/credit features to consumers based on the CREDIT_SCORE API. 

3. Adtech: The data attributes are being used to segment and serve relevant brand advertising banners to appropriate audiences, thus improving the advertising ROI of marketers. 

4. Id match: An ID of an individual can be checked by using Telco attributes like DOB and address and matching the same with the similar details shared by a customer while availing loans, etc. 

5. Similar use cases can be covered in the below sectors:

  • Traffic management/ Transportation Management
  • SmartCities
  • EduTech 
  • AgriTech 
  • HealthTech
  • FoodTech
  • RetailTech
  • Entertainment & Events
  • Any other


VIL can expose monetizable APIs for the community. You have to build prototype applications or extensions to existing apps that include powerful mobile communications and monetization features using the VIL developer APIs.

We expect the teams to identify a certain challenge for a particular industry by themselves and build use cases of how the telco data would help them create value enhancing solutions for VIL as well as partners. This needs to be exemplified with the help of the current user journey being used and how the telco data/API is incorporated in the same.

We would also like to know what would be the value generation that exists due to the proposed solution either in ways of cost savings or in terms of incremental revenue that can be generated using this solution. 

A proposed plan for the roll out and GTM approach would be welcome. 


With the APIs, VIL has also provided internal sample reference data in CSV format, that can be used to supplement the solution.

API Monetization Platform (AMP ) APIs
API Common Information Guide
API Sandbox
VIL Reference data

Rebuilding Consumer App


Consumers are hard pressed for time and need quick and simple actions to meet their telecom needs. VIL consumer apps gives customers a one-stop solution to manage their VIL account, online bill payments, recharge packs, data packs (2G/3G/4G), data usage and balance, and avail exclusive offers. VIL consumer apps are also used for raising service requests in the form of query, request or complaint.

VIL would like these apps to be more relevant, appealing, and engaging. There are certain highly used features and consumer journeys that we would like to improve and make them best-in-class. Some examples of hero journeys are payment journeys (recharge and bill payments) and VAS service activation/deactivation including Intl roaming services.


VIL intends to reinvent its consumer apps (My Vodafone App and My Idea App) with the key objective of driving a volume shift of telco users/transactions from offline and 3rd party online to VIL Consumer App.

  • The app should be fast, simple, and lite with engaging and design led user journeys for telco products and services.
  • The app should have the ability to engage users with non telco offers via a dynamic ecosystem for integrating partnerships (rewards, promotions, subscriptions, payments, etc.,) in a zero friction framework.
  • The consumers of the app are multilingual and spread across different socio-economic strata. Hence, vernacular and voice based features should be built to drive adoption and engagement.
  • The app can have a loyalty/gaming feature that allows customers to gain rewards by completing tasks.
  • The app can have a real/virtual payment system or wallet, with unique propositions to seamless consumer transactions.


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  • Download My Vodafone App & My Idea app available on play store/App Store

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