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DURATION: 30 days 5h 55m Hackathon

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Watch Launch Webinar recording Hackathon for Sustainable and Affordable Energy brings together brilliant minds passionate about digital solutions and AI, to tackle real energy challenges and help build a lower-carbon world.

This year, Shell, together with Microsoft and Udacity, invite you to participate in EV Charging Challenge.

A considerable market share of electric vehicles (EVs) running on clean power is key to decarbonising the mobility sector. As the number of EVs  continues to increase, the demand for charging is following suit. Today around 10% of drivers are choosing EVs when buying a new car, and this is expected to grow rapidly. Advanced technology and infrastructure is needed to further develop and support EV market growth. Your task in this hackathon is to optimise an electric vehicle (EV) charging network, so it remains robust to demographic changes and meets customer demand.

Join us, crack the code, and win exciting awards!

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Hackathon format

This edition of hackathon is open to individuals, general teams, students, and start-ups.


General Edition


University Edition


Start-up Edition




Open to all individuals and teams of up to 4 members (except Shell and Microsoft employees and contractors)

Open to  all individuals and teams of up to 4 members  currently studying at or associated to any university/institute/college (students, PhD, Postdoc, Technical Assistant, Research Assistant, faculty, etc.)

Open to registered start-ups only (minimum 2 members)


Shortlist and winners


· 20 participants with top scores in the private leaderboard (regardless of the edition) will be shortlisted for Level 2.

· In Level 2 the shortlisted teams will pitch their solutions to the judging panel who will then select the winners.




· 1st prize: 2,500 USD

· 2nd prize: 2,200 USD

· 3rd prize: 2,000 USD


· University Edition Winner: 1,500 USD

· University edition runner up:1,000 USD

· Additionally for both teams an opportunity to start an external technical collaboration  between Shell and the institute that the winner is a part of, subject to Shell’s criteria and regulations


A chance to receive Proof of Concept funding and develop their products with Shell GameChanger (up to 150k USD) for maximum three start-ups, subject to Shell’s criteria and regulations


* All participants can register for the General Edition of the hackathon. Participants interested in and eligible for the Special University or Start-up Edition should register for either of these two editions, as they will be automatically eligible for the general edition prizes, if they make it to the top three teams (across all editions) after Level 2. In this case the winning team will receive the respective General Edition monetary award, plus additional opportunities for their university special edition (ETC or project funding). If the winners in any of the special editions rank below the top three (for example in a scenario when the top three winners are eligible for the General Edition only), they will receive awards for their respective special edition only.

The hackathon will consist of two levels:

Level 1 (2nd September – 2nd October) – In this level, the participants are invited to optimise the placement of EV chargers in a defined area, in order to create a charging network that meets customer demand, increases customer satisfaction and remains robust to demographic changes. More details on the challenge can be found in the problem statement.

Level 2 (12th October – 14th October) – In this level, the shortlisted teams (all editions combined) will pitch their Level 1 solutions to the judging panel. The judges will then select the winners. Hackathon timeline 

Activity Dates
Hackathon opens for registrations 10th August
Start of Level 1 2nd September
Launch Webinar 2nd September
End of Level 1 2nd October
Shortlist announced 07th October
Start of Level 2 (pitches submission) 12th October
Judging session 13th - 14th October
Winners announcement, awards ceremony 27th October

Check out last year’s Shell. Ai hackathon challenge and winners.

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Shell is an international energy company whose purpose is to power progress together with more and cleaner energy solutions. Shell uses innovative and advanced technologies to produce and distribute energy in more efficient, reliable and sustainable ways. Digital technology is making our existing operations more effective and efficient, helping to offer our customers lower-carbon solutions. Find out more at:


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