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IndiaHacks Programming Qualifiers - Score 100 Points in this 8 Days Challenge to Qualify for Wave 1.0 (Elimination 1)

We bring you the Big Game Qualifier, brace yourself to compete with the brightest minds in the field.

Because we believe - enter image description here Programming is like any other sport. You might know the rules, but you have to play to learn. Spend time on the field, keep practicing, and participate in challenges before the major league comes in.

Programming is one of the most sought-after tracks in IndiaHacks, where you get to compete against some of the best programmers across the world.This challenge will consist of problems to test your knowledge of algorithms and data structures, with problems spanning all topics of Computer Science and varying difficulty levels. Put your coding skills to the ultimate test!

ROUND 1 - 17th June 2017

enter image description here

The qualifier is a 8-Days-long programming challenge. The challenge will consist of 3 problems and you will receive points for every test case your solution passes. You need to score 100 points to qualify for the next round.

Hint: Practice is best of all instructions

ROUND 2 - 9th July 2017

enter image description here Wave 1.0 is your first elimination round that will be held on July 9h 2017. Participants who managed to get through the qualifier will have to wrestle with 5 problems in a 6-hour challenge. Make sure you have practiced well in the last three weeks because only the top 900 will make it to Round 3.

Hint: Perseverance is secret of all triumph

ROUND 3 - 6th August 2017

enter image description here Wave 2.0 is your second elimination round to be held on 6th August 2017. Considered to be one of the most aggressive rounds of the track. Where the top 900 would be tested on 3-hour challenge and only the top 50 will move to the finals.

Hint: Speed and accuracy would be the key

FINALS - 3rd September 2017

enter image description here

Big fat prizes await you. But remember nothing comes easy. You are competing with some of the world's best programmers for the coveted title of the "Greatest Programmer". This 3-hour challenge is not going to be an easy run. Prepare well and tickle your brain cells. Will see you on September 3, 2017!

Hint: One who never quits - WINS BIG !!

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You can use IBM Bluemix and Watson to build your application. Register here for your free trial of IBM Bluemix and you can read about Waston Developer Cloud here.

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There are great prizes to be won

1st Prize

INR 300,000 

2nd Prize

INR 150,000 

3rd Prize

INR 100,000 

4th Prize

INR 50,000 

5th Prize

INR 30,000 

6th Prize

INR 10,000 

7th-10th Prizes

INR 7500 each 

1st -50th Prizes

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  1. Participation is on an individual basis and team participation is not allowed.
  2. Participants will be ranked based on the programming scores.
  3. For the programming questions...


Q. What is the Challenge about?

IndiaHacks 2017 Programming is an initiative to inspire and celebrate programming as a sports. We want to encourage everyone to come and co...

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