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Java Easy : Mock Online Coding Assessments

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OPENS AT: Sep 03, 2019, 08:00 AM

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coding interview

This mock assessment test is for those who are in search of a job, applying for a job for the first time, or trying to find a challenging role outside where one currently works. 

The purpose of a mock coding assessment is to provide people (students/working professionals/or practically anyone) with an opportunity to practice coding interview skills in an environment similar to an actual coding interview. A mock assessment is a great opportunity to become familiar with coding assessment questions and formats.

HackerEarth brings to you these mock interviews with real-company questions, a simulated coding assessment interview environment, and a platform used by Fortune 500 companies. 

In the process, people can gain confidence by acquiring knowledge about their strengths and shortcomings. After all, no one is perfect enough to execute everything flawlessly when out of practice. 

Our mock online coding assessment series currently supports the following three programming languages: 

Select the challenge with the level of difficulty of your choice and Code, Compile, and Run. 

Challenge Format:

  • 2 Programming Question

coding interview


  1. For the programming questions in the test, choose one language from the given list and attempt.
  2. All inputs for the programming problem are from STDIN and output to STD...


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