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Mashreq – DIFC Hackathon

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The objective of Hackathon:

The DIFC Authority has launched DIFC Academy as a platform for top-ranked educational institutes to deliver professional development and higher education courses.

Mashreq has made a collaboration with DIFC to launch - Game Changer Hackathon as a partnership event for 2021-22. This will enhance the development of Data Science and AI/ML practical skills across all the Students and Universities and will attract niche resources towards Mashreq.

This Hackathon is a platform for students and researchers to compete with emerging data scientists and machine learning experts and a chance to work on real-time banking problems.

The Game Changer Hackathon would be circulated as two Phased events:

  • 1st Phase case study would involve more of the Machine Learning concepts. It broadly contains Customer Analytics concepts where one would find out the method to estimate the Client’s probability to churn in the future along with individual customer level profitability scenarios. This would be the preliminary round where the top participants would be selected and among those will move into the next level.
  • 2nd Phase of Game Changer Hackathon would be based on a combination of both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques where one would be able to decipher more Customer insights from both structural data and social media information.
  • Every team which is shortlisted from round 1 will be invited to participate in round 2, and the team leader will be sent an invite for the same. Top 10 teams from Phase 2 will present their AI/ML Demos across Mashreq and DIFC audience and the Winning teams would present Demos to CIOs, leadership team & delegates along with receiving exiting prizes at end of the Event.

This Hackathon enables you to compete with emerging data scientists and machine learning experts and is your chance to work on real-time banking problems, improve your skillset, learn from expert data science and machine learning professionals. This event may hack your way to the top of the hackathon leaderboard! You also stand a chance to win prizes and get an opportunity to work as an intern in your dream data science field. Start your data science hackathon journey today!

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