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More and more incidents of machine learning surpassing human intelligence are being witnessed these days. Be it playing chess, go, poker, jeopardy, or predicting the future. This formidable team of data and machine learning has revolutionized the way business works.

Moreover, now companies have become heavily reliant on data to ensure their future growth. Machine learning is growing fast, so should you!

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IndiaHacks Machine Learning 2017 is divided into three rounds:

1. Qualifier - Online Round (Solve Two Problems)
2. Zonal Competition - Offline Round
3. Final Competition - Offline Round

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In the first round, you will be solving two problems. Your selection for zonal round will be done base on your cumulative score.

In this machine learning competition, you’ll be given past data (train) to predict on future (test) data.

The top 20 participants (per zone) go to the next round i.e. total 60 participants. Participants will compete individually.

Note: If you are from outside India and you qualify for offline rounds, you can participate from your respective locations online! :)

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  • Once you register for this competition, we'll help you learn powerful machine learning techniques using weekly tutorials and practice projects to prepare you for this challenge.

  • In this machine learning challenge, every participant will undergo a rigorous phase of learning and practice to become better at data science / machine learning.

  • Be it a novice or an ML expert, everyone will have something to cheer about! Prize, knowledge or newly gained fan following !

  • We know that this competition of top data scientists will turn ruthless as the days pass by. But, we’ll make sure that we provide you with enough armour for a long fight in this battlefield!

  • Don’t fear losing, because we strongly believe that 'Learning is way better than just winning'.

  • Tutorials and Projects are posted here.

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You can use IBM Bluemix and Watson to build your application. Register here for your free trial of IBM Bluemix and you can read about Waston Developer Cloud here.

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There are great prizes to be won

1st Prize

INR 300,000 

2nd Prize

INR 150,000 

3rd Prize

INR 100,000 

4th Prize

INR 50,000 

5th Prize

INR 30,000 

6th Prize

INR 20,000 

7-10 Prizes

INR 7500 each 

1-50 Prize

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  1. Your output will be evaluated only for 50% of the test data while the contest is running. Once the contest is over, output for the remaining 50% of the data will be evalua...


Q. How will I be awarded a score?

Your output will be evaluated only for 50% of the test data while the contest is running. Once the contest is over, output for the remain...

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