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HackerEarth DevOps Challenge

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HackerEarth presents Hands on DevOps practice test. 

In this test you will be given the Source code of an application in the form of a ZIP file. Your task is to write unit test cases for the given code and push the code in github. You have to install Jenkins on your local system. You have to write a JenkinsFile and have to build the project on jenkins. Also you will have to containerize your application. i.e. you have to write a DockerFile and have to host your application on the web server of your choice.


Years of Experience: 1 - 5 Years

Tech Stack: Python, Django, Linux, Jenkins, Docker, Git, Web Server. 

Challenge Format: 1 Application Development Building Question

Required Setup:

Evaluation Parameter:

  • Github - Private Repository Link and Add HackerEarth-Challenges as collaborators in it.
  • Unit Test cases 
  • Jenkins file and build logs on your jenkins account.
  • DockerFile - Code
  • Hosted URL



There are great prizes to be won

First Prize

USD 125 

Second Prize

USD 100 

Third Prize

USD 75 


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As with any growing startup, there is no restriction to the work that you should be doing at HackerEarth. You will have verticals that you will completely own, but that shouldn't restrict you. Developers teaching marketers programming and sales people providing design inputs is a common sight at HackerEarth. Everyone here is an owner of the company and we are always open to hearing people who can help us become better.

You will not be assigned tasks; you will be entrusted with them. How every team member performs is directly consequential to the company’s growth and you will be expected to do your work as if you were the founder of the company. There will be very little supervision but you will be held accountable for the work that you are entrusted with.

There are no steadfast rules - we don’t care about what you wear (as long as you’re clothed), how you work, or if you swear a lot (you’ll have company). We respect hard workers, quick learners, passionate people, perfectionists, and intrinsically curious people. You will see shades of these characteristics in everyone who works at HackerEarth. We also urge our employees to be physically fit.

And we have loads of fun.

We believe that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Team outings, movie nights, impromptu guitar and singing during office hours, hours of loud music, to team gaming faceoffs (AOE, counter-strike, need for speed and the works!).

If you’re a foodie, consider HackerEarth heaven. Not only will you spoilt with an unlimited (these limits are often tested) supply of food, you will also be surrounded by people who know and love food. There are strong opinions about just about everything here and there are often fights about it. But at the end of the day, you will make friends for life here.


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  • You must click Submit once you complete the test.
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Yes, there is a sample challenge that you can participate in to understand how to participate in programming chall...

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