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OPENS AT: Jan 08, 2016, 06:30 AM

CLOSES ON: Jan 15, 2016, 09:30 AM

DURATION: 7 days 3h


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A machine's analytical ability surpassed the human many years ago. However, the ability to decide where to use it, was still controlled by human. This is changing fast. The pursuit of reducing human error has resulted in the rise of artificially intelligent machines.

Game Theory is an important topic in Artificial Intelligence that spans over various aspects of how decisions are made when playing a game or in real life situations that can be mapped to a game.

In this track of IndiaHacks, you have to build a bot that plays a two-player game (like chess) with a bot built by another user. You can practice in our previous Bot contests, to understand more about the problem statement and the format of the contest.

Battle of Bots #1
Battle of Bots #2

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The top 20 winners are:

  1. Marten Wiman
  2. Carsten Eilks
  3. Volodymyr Chelnokov
  4. Aron Granberg
  5. Vineet Garg
  6. Catalin Stefan Tiseanu
  7. Adam Stelmaszczyk
  8. Domagoj Bradac
  9. Ilya Kornakov
  10. Akul...


  1. Choose the programming language of your choice and implement your bot in that language.
  2. The challenge will have 1 game for which you will have to write the bot. There will...


Is there a practice challenge that I can participate in?
Yes, you can practice by solving previous Bot contests -

Will I get th...

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